I've had a few drinks so may find this funnier than I should... but when I was younger I used to like pulling the heads off of my sister's Barbie dolls and drawing a face on the stump underneath

  1. I have hard wired myself to not acknowledge a cars "hello" beep. Also to ignore my name being shouted at me from a distance because I'm almost always wrong.

  2. When you think you dont know them, but you make eye contact and you're forced to beep in response.

  3. My mom's favorite joke is to beep at someone walking and then have the entire car wave out the opposite window. I'd say it was funny, but you can't even see the person's reaction...

  4. That was probably me. I like to beep my horn and wave at strangers walking down the street like I know them. The look on their face as they slowly raise their hand to wave back trying to figure out who I am is priceless. Of course you get the people who really don't give a fuck who you are but god damnit they are gonna give you a confident, strong wave back without even breaking stride. I try to make it obvious who I'm waving at. I roll the window down, make eye contact and just really sell the idea that I know them from somewhere.

  5. Is that a real band? I think they were referenced in parks and rec, but so much pop culture is made-up in the show, I kinda thought they were too.

  6. You would have gotten along great with my sisters. They would run over my barbies with their bikes so I had dolls with indented boobs.

  7. My sister and I had a ton of barbie dolls and a big bag of barbie clothes. They went all over the world (in our minds) and had all kinds of adventures. And then...There was that summer that we got hold of our oldest (by 11 years) sister's barbie...We hated that bitch (the doll, not sister). She developed a coke habit and ended up hanging herself off a bridge (our second floor staircase landing). Bridget always was a troubled soul...And my sister and I probably watched too many 80's soap operas...

  8. My barbies had orgies with dinosaurs in the closet and one of them pulled her own hair out from stress.

  9. My sister had a Hercules doll that she loved and cherished. One day she made me angry so I ripped its head off. My dad tried to salvage it for her buy drawing a face on the little nub. He called it neckules. I remember him bringing it to her and he was super proud of his work. I also remember her crying in absolute horror when she saw the end result too :(

  10. I’m gonna have a real hard time looking at any Barbie the same, because underneath all their heads could be this face and that’s just terrifying...

  11. I used to take my sister's beloved Cabbage Patch Doll (yeah, I was an 80s teen) and put it up on top of the door out of her reach.

  12. I used to call them Pinhead Barbie too! Unfortunately I don't know the answer to that though..

  13. There used to be a pregnant Barbie that had a removable stomach that would hold the baby inside. You could take the baby out!

  14. Yes, I worked at Toys R Us and we had one. I think it was a different brand though. I only had one complaint and it was because she looked too happy.

  15. Is there a tweeker Barbie that’s like a walking skeleton that has a matching Ken doll with a bicycle and a backpack? I saw some hardcore tweekers come into Taco Bell today. That classic up for days look that just gives that uncomfortable vibe. If you know tweekers you know just what I mean.

  16. We'd pull the heads off my friend's sister's barbies and my little ponies (first generation cause I'm old) and swap them.

  17. I went to high school with a girl who had a tiny head like this due to some genetic condition. A bunch of guys on the hockey team got in trouble for having a contest to see who could get a picture of themselves being blown by little head. I guess the idea was that with her head being so small, anyone would look enormous next to her face.

  18. A friend once left a box of Teddy Bear Grahams unattended at my house. Another friend and I sat there and took all the heads off and ate them, then put all the bodies back in the box.

  19. When I was a kid, I went to my friends house to play. We ended up in his basement where his sister had a massive barbie collection. I proceeded to rip all of the heads off and throw them every which way while laughing hysterically.

  20. Once you rip the head off it never sits the same. Those dolls are kinda expensive too... I would be Fucking Pissed some kid broke a bunch of my kids toys tbh

  21. I know there’s plenty of kids out there like that but I can’t fathom how they wouldn’t feel bad doing that, I was so careful not to hurt other people’s feelings even at that age

  22. I used to work with a sweet young lady who had some stuffed animals on her desk. I couldn't resist. One day she came in to find Winnie the Pooh standing over Piglet who was lying in a pool of blood (red paper) with a knife in his hand and a Jason mask. All the other stuffed toys were cowering at the far end of the desk.

  23. I feel that joke in today's corporate culture would result in you being pulled into hr and informed that you are the subject of an intimidation complaint and a 165 million dollar lawsuit that they have agreed to settle on behalf of "stuffed animal girl".

  24. This is hilarious. I can't believe that we never thought of this when we were kids. All I remember is going to my cousin's house. Whenever his sister wasn't around we would go into her room and have our He Man figures invade the Barbie mansion and turn it into what had to look like an Eternian brothel. God I miss being a kid sometimes.

  25. You're out alone, brother. Let's start a 12 step program. "Hi, my name is Mike and I decapitate." "Hi, Mike!"

  26. I did this to a Barbie once and sent it to my brother with no return address and his address made from magazine clippings. I brought it up months later and he said "That was YOU!? Oh thank god!"

  27. This is funny and very innocent. My older brother would cut my barbies hair off and then glue them to armpits and private areas.. before I knew what it even meant

  28. My dad used to put Barbie heads my sister and I would pull off on the bottom end of the windchimes we haf outside the kitchen window. We lived behind a church.

  29. When I was younger I cut all the hair of my sisters Barbies and then buried them. I’d then tell her they died of cancer.

  30. So did my brother but it wasn’t funny. I only had four Barbie dolls to my name over the course of my entire childhood. He destroyed them all.

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