My son got in trouble at school today... I more pissed off that his handwriting is still this bad.

  1. I am currently taking master's level business classes as part of my statistics master's and yeah...finding an antonym for dragon is harder than anything we've done so far

  2. Am I the only one who originally read the last line as “”? I thought that was pretty funny then I realized the kid’s name is Dom

  3. Bro I think you misunderstood. His joke was so good the teacher made all the other students go outside while he got to eat Reese’s.

  4. Absolutely disgusting... who writes "dez nuts" it is very clearly "deez nuts". What is our school system teaching these kids?

  5. I knew a guy called Dez once. Very proud of his nuts; his genitals in general actually. I feel that Dez would have enjoyed that his nuts were as renowned as they are with middle-schoolers.

  6. By all accounts my handwriting was great for a kid starting out. Unfortunately my teacher hated that i was a bit slower than my classmates. This is the same teacher that took me into the hall and shook me so violently that my head hurt really bad afterward. Tiny me was terrified of her. I sped up alright. She kept rushing me until I could write fast but my penmanship suffered. To this day my handwriting isn’t what I’d like it to be. I’m not saying my crappy handwriting is all her fault but I do wonder what it would have been like if I’d had a teacher who wasn’t physically abusing us.

  7. If your child’s handwriting is bad enough it’s difficult to read, see if you can get your kid occupational therapy services at school. There can be an underlying issue such as poor hand, arm, or even shoulder strength that affect it. Sometimes it’s also the inability to focus (like with ADHD).

  8. Because no matter how much OP tried to convince himself otherwise, his kid is actually kinda dumb for his age.

  9. It can happen to anyone. I wrote a paper in college on Oedipus Rex. The working title was “Oedipus: The Original Motherfucker.” Turned it in without changing the title.

  10. I feel like a lot of professors would let you go on that. I mean the students are all adults and it’s pretty funny.

  11. Writing essays was always an exercise in restraint for me. The title was one of the few places I got a bit of joy.

  12. I did something like that in high school. My teacher was going through her edits and just checked it and said "and this sentence needs fixed".

  13. Points for using a homonym for word play though. This sentence legit made me laugh and that's why. You just know he picked dragon as a word to play the long game.

  14. I mean my handwriting (or spelling, geesh) wasn't that bad at 9, but my teacher at the time had me re-write homework (2x, 3x) until it passed his muster sometimes. He was... very traditionalist on that point.

  15. Got any tips for a mom whose kid is 11 and still writes like this because he insists the paper feels bad on his skin and hates arts and crafts with a passion?

  16. I think practicing actually writing and actively trying to improve will improve his writing skills more than with motor skills because when i was kid i had terrible handwriting but my motor skills were very good, i was not even trying to write in good handwriting but as soon as i recognised this issue my handwriting improved drastically

  17. That does not help, as a kid I had very good fine motor skills but I couldnt (still cant) write eligibly, and I habe no idea why.

  18. I think you can rest easy knowing most of reddit will be making Dragon Deez Nuts jokes all day tomorrow at work.

  19. Can’t believe this comment is so far down. Why is a note from school bringing your kid’s handwriting to your attention? Do you not help them with homework

  20. Get him checked for dysgraphia I have it. It sort of like dyslexia but it make you handwriting terrible and you misspell a lot of words

  21. Does it have anything to do with writing backwards. He starts at the bottom of his letters instead of the top.

  22. Are you not, like, involved enough in your son's life to already know what his handwriting looks like?

  23. Also a teacher…..The content IS funny but, after years of trying to decipher this crap and the lame comments by others, it brings back a lot of aggravation.

  24. I was mid 20's and did something similar when I was working a call center. We had to log all our calls, and for common issues there was a database of generic answers that you could click on and it would autofill half the log for you.

  25. If this is the first time you’ve noticed that your 9 year old’s handwriting is equivalent to that of a preschooler, you are probably not involved enough in their education.

  26. I can’t get past that aspect of this. This must be a farce. On the other hand, a child being exposed to that type of crudeness without being guided on when it is and isn’t appropriate seems consistent with the child falling behind in class.

  27. Handwriting is one thing. I'm a lefty and my handwriting has always been shit. Spelling and grammar is something they can learn. They need to READ actual books. It helps with everything

  28. School doesn't begin nor end at the building. It's a good idea for parents to give a head start to on their kids education. I would rather my child get in trouble for being bored because the content is easy.

  29. Yeah the way OP thinks it's all funny is kind of sad. Current young generations need more hands on learning and parenting. Instead of all this unfiltered access to the internet. Future generations are fucked.

  30. I cannot imagine how my mom would’ve reacted if me or my brother did something like this! And she really wasn’t that strict of a parent or super conservative. have some fucking standards for your kids ffs. I would be mortified if I had a child and they handed this in 🤦🏻‍♀️

  31. I always assume these kind of posts are faked by adults with nothing better to do aside from deliberately write hackneyed printing, claim it's their child's, and get a load of useless Reddit upvotes.

  32. How old is your boy? I think penmanship will improve slightly with age, if they continue to write. It’s hard with the digital interfaces that we have now. Just my thoughts.

  33. "Listen here, boy. You're going to sit here and write deez nuts jokes over and over, and you're not allowed to leave the table until your writing improves."

  34. If you're pissed off that his handwriting is so bad, then you haven't really been paying attention have you? Why are you pissed at him for something nobody taught him? (Including yourself)

  35. Do parents not practice stuff like this with their kids?? My mom had me tracing letters at home until i could write properly so i could get a passing score. If my parents saw i was behind anywhere they sat down with me and had me work on it, they wouldnt just throw me to a school and hope that these stranger teachers can mold me into a genius

  36. Pissed? As his parent you should be embarrassed by your lack of parenting. His education shouldn't end the moment he leaves the school.

  37. His poor handwriting is because nobody sits with him after school working on it. at least twice a week sit down for an hour and work on basics, make it fun make it together time, but spend the time.

  38. As a parent, should you be taking some responsibility for your child’s handwriting? To rely solely on teachers to educate you child is bound to bring disappointment and dissatisfaction for parents.

  39. Thank you everyone for all the upvotes and comments. We've enjoyed reading them tonight and talking back and forth with many of you. Dom is off to bed, he's riding high on his evening of internet fame. He thanks you all for your kind words, recommendations, and other comments. We were able to teach him a bit about trolling tonight and how some people just feel the need to be negative, so yes thank you as well for that.

  40. Hopefully you as the parent, will take this opportunity to work on lil man's hand writing and grammar. Less YouTube trash and more reading as well as accountability from his parents.

  41. Literally just have the boy read a bit daily, 10-15 minites, same with writing. My grandmother was an English teacher, despite being deaf, I speak rather well. My writing has always left something to be desired but, considering I dropped out of school at 17 and got a GED…school isn’t for everyone. Although I do believe we all benefit from further education, not everyone can learn in a standardized format.

  42. Pretty good punctuation but spelling is bad and random capital letters. All in all, not bad for a 9 year old but you should look into some early intervention in English tutoring. Doesn't seem to do well with long vowel sounds. Still likely overcoming covid learning.

  43. Shutting down in-person instruction for two years has had a staggering impact on early childhood education. It was a decision that needed to be made due to the pandemic. But unfortunately our schools weren't prepared, and are essentially playing catch-up to this day.

  44. As someone whos had bad handwriting my entire life and was blamed for it up until 8th grade please look at your kids hands and see if they shake at all, it makes it a hell of a lot more difficult to write than youd think

  45. I'll never understand why kids aren't taught to write properly in schools. I had good handwriting hammered into me (Indian education system) and it has actually served me well professionally.

  46. How much time have you dedicated to practice writing with him? Or concealing his jokes so they are not obvious to teacher for that matter?

  47. Don't even bother sending that one to college, academics clearly aren't his strong suit. Give him a microphone and tell him to do stand up comedy. He'll probably be great at it.

  48. At least he used the proper 'your', it feels like the majority of reddit cannot do this, take that for what its worth!

  49. Y’all I don’t think I could be a parent because I’d be laughing my ass off at the joke and get mad that my kid got in trouble for being hilarious 😩

  50. If this is real, your son is a legend and has a bright future ahead. Handwriting will improve but that kind of wit is timeless!

  51. 🤣😂😭 LMMFAO..."Dragon dez nuts across your fase"!!!! (Gasping for air, grabbing my stomach because I'm laughing so hard)...OMG!!! Hahahahahaha 🤣

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