I don’t know what lens to get! (Birthday)

  1. I have an X-T4, so OIS isn’t really necessary for me. My bad for not updating that ;*). I’ve considered the 18-55mm, but I think the variable aperture would hinder me in low light, which I like to shoot in. That’s why the 16-55mm is on my list, despite the size & weight. If I’m going to get the 16-55mm, it’s going to be preowned and not new, to reduce the cost.

  2. I wouldn’t want to drag an f/2.8 lens up a mountain just to spend all day shooting landscapes at f/11. The 16-55 makes sense for applications where low light performance or shallow depth of field are a priority, like events and studio. The 70-300 doesn’t overlap with your current lens’s focal length at all and therefore opens up more possibilities.

  3. I can only speak on the 16-55mm. I mainly like street photography and landscape photography. It's a big lens and the biggest issue with street photography is that, well, you're pointing a big lens at people from somewhat close distance. I still do it sometimes though. The photos are very high quality. It's not as sharp as my 16mm prime for wide angle / landscapes, but still very good (consider this for landscape).. I'd be comfortable making a high quality big print by applying Photoshop super resolution to a raw file.

  4. Yeah, I’ve heard the image quality is great throughout the entire range of the 16-55mm, regardless of it being a zoom lens (hence the price). I don’t think that makes you a fake photographer though :D. It seems super convenient, rather than buying and lugging around 4 different prime lenses, I could just carry this single zoom to do the job for all of them. Thank you for your input :)

  5. buy 70-300 and 18-55 used... then you're just about around where you would have bought the 16-55 as new. Since 18-55 is a kit lens, it is sold a lot cheaper used compared to what you would buy it if it was new. Regarding the picture quality, I think it is very close to 18-55, and you'll still have the 35mm for low light. That's what I would do

  6. I’ll have to see how much I actually have to my name, but I’ll take this into consideration. It’ll be a win-win if I can get a 70-300mm and 18-55mm!

  7. I would go for the 16-55. Not only because it's my favorite lens, but I think since it is in the more "normal" focal range that you will generally see more use out of it.

  8. Yeah, I agree with that. I’m just unsure whether I’m more driven to snap animals or humans to be honest.

  9. Based on what you're saying. Keep the 35 for landscapes, street and portrait. It will probably be your main lens because it's so versatile. buy the 70-300 for wildlife photography and occasional landscapes. the 16-55 meets those needs sure but it might be a little too similar to the lens you have now and not as useful for wildlife unless you plan on being relatively close to your subjects.

  10. The way I think about this is that the 16-55 would be great for landscapes and wildlife. And the reason I say wildlife is that I am constantly hounded by David Yarborough’s mantra that as a wildlife photographer you are taking the portrait of an animal - so why stay far away? Get in close and discover what they are. Which I get. However, if you are serious about wildlife and haven’t had much experience with it, I think the tele would be wonderful. And for landscapes, the tele would be good for focused woodland scenes.

  11. Easier said that done. How am I supposed to approach timid wildlife while I'm lugging about a big old standard zoom on an open plane? 😭

  12. I have the 18-55, and I barely take it out, because its not wide enough or tight enough zoom, I feel like moving my feet usually compensates pretty well. my Viltrox 23mm/1.4 lives on the camera, and I have the 35mm/f2 if I want to do a closer portrait. My usual subject is my kids and travel stuff, so I'm looking at picking up one of the either the 50-200 or 70-300 and when I leave the house it would probably be with the 23 and whatever zoom I end up on.

  13. I have the XC35, XF18-55 and the XF70-300. I almost ALWAYS have the 70-300 on my camera. I love how versatile it is and use it for landscape, portrait and a lot for close ups (macro like).

  14. Tamron 18-300? Covers almost all of the range that both lenses you’re looking into cover, and reviews well. We have a 70-300 and it’s lovely, but it’s a pain to change lenses as you see a different scene / if there is condensation or rain.. so we’re going to swap it for the tamron.

  15. I can tell you that as far as my "dabbling in wildlife" (specifically birds) photography has gone, my feeling is almost always "I wish I had more reach and more light".

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