Fujifilm X100V front command dial stuck!

  1. I have the exact same thing recently happen to my X100V it's currently at Fuji repair facility. I haven't heard back from them yet. I didn't drop it or handle it poorly I don't even realize when it happened. Pretty dissatisfied. I tried to see if I could pop it out myself but that didn't work and I wouldn't recommend that either.

  2. Sucks to hear it’s not a one time thing. Please let me know how long it will take and roughly how much. Appreciate it

  3. Yup mine is doing the same thing now. Ugh - so frustrating, i don't even use the dial that much during shooting but mostly during review and here it's failed within a year and a half?! That's really annoying. I've got a note into the repair center here in Canada to see if they can give me an idea on price and time to repair. I've been hearing that lead time on new X100V's is atrocious and I don't want mine to get into the shop and then be stuck there for 2 months while they wait for parts.

  4. Hey everyone. Today while photographing the front command dial got stuck while rotating it. Now it wont come back out and i can barely rotate it. Any idea on what to do? I can’t send the camera to fuji for repair for at least a couple months since i will be traveling. A good thing is at least it doesn’t give the pop up to change it’s fundctipn and lets me shoot.

  5. I don't know if the x100v command dial is the same as the xt20, but I have an xt20 that had a similar issue. The wheel has small index grooves/notches milled into the face of it, then it is attached to the electric rotary dial with an adhesive like super glue. If it came unglued and managed to rotate out of the index marks, I imagine it would be stuck pretty good like that. To get to the electric board that houses the command dial took a lot of disassembly, but if you're handy with electronics it should be doable. But definitely don't attempt if you have any reservations. There's lots of ribbon cables in there. I would try to get the wheel to rotate and pull forward and so it fits back into the indexed locations. On my xt20 this was enough to be fully functional, I just had to keep upward pressure on the dial when spinning it or it would freewheel. I finally ended up taking it apart and regluing the wheel back into place.

  6. I just sent mine to Fuji for warranty repair bc the second time I ever opened the battery door to replace the SD card, it no longer locks.

  7. That sucks. I love this camera and don’t regret getting it, but i am thinking of my options where to send it for repair.

  8. I am still traveling and will be out of country for at least 1 more month, so i haven't done anything with it so far. It doesn't affect my shooting style a whole lot (if nothing at all) but I still want to fix it at some point. Let me know if you decide to send it for repair and hear back.

  9. Hey. I sold my x100V a few months ago. I never fixed it as i barely used the dial. Hope everything goes well and quick with your x100v

  10. Update: I sent my X100V to Fujifilm repair in Edison, NJ a few weeks ago, to deal with the same problem as what OP posted. Finally got a quote today: $400. They said they would need to replace the entire top assembly. Repair should take another 6 - 12 days.

  11. I'm not sure how hard you threw that thing onto the floor but that's not stuck you knocked it waaaay out of its location. It's broken.

  12. I did not throw it to the ground, or hit something with it. My bag also hasn’t fallen on the ground while the camera was in there. I was rotating it and it just retracted and that’s about it.

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