New Fujifilm user : XT4 or XS10 ?

  1. I shoot the most during vacation. Most portraits and landscape. I also do video quite often, and both the cameras seem to be good at video

  2. Yeah essentially that but also is it difficult to adapt to the fuji system (with the different dials especially)

  3. For travel and primarily jpeg shooting, it's hard to beat the xs10. It's smaller, has a fantastic grip,and a dedicated dial for film simulation and 4 custom modes. Adjusting ss, aperture, and iso can also be done with the front and rear command dial very easily, they just don't have dedicated dials, so depending on if you're in M or A the thumb or front dial may adjust something a little different. That's super annoying for some people, but as a hobbiest I don't mind, I'm always watching my exposure meter and other info on the LCD or efv anyway. But I don't even have to think about it now.

  4. Two sense, fuji xs10 is aimed at people jumping from other system or simply beginning out in photography. So you definitely can't go wrong with that route unless you find that you need other pro features (2sd slot/wr/bigger battery/af switch). Think of it like the xt4's little brother/sister with included ibis. The film sims/af speed/sensor are also all up to date. Personally I'd go with the xt4 because how they took away the af switch a big deal in user experience. The less I have to dig into the menu on the lcd screen the better things go.

  5. Just to clarify for OP's sake, the AF switch is not a "pro feature" within the Fujifilm ecosystem, since most of their non-pro bodies also include one. But I know what you meant. That's not really the differentiator between an X-T3 and X-T30 or X-T200, though.

  6. If budget is no issue, I’d get the XT4. If budget was an issue, I’d consider getting an XT3, possibly even used as I frequently see used XT3’s with little to no wear going for cheap. You’re really only losing out on the IBIS, which I’d argue is no big deal.

  7. Yeah I saw the new sigma lenses, they look awesome Yeah maybe waiting for the xt5 to come out would be a good idea, the xt4 would be cheaper used then

  8. I have the XS10 so I'm going to recommend that. The H2 will be coming out in a few months so I'm waiting for that to upgrade.

  9. Personally, I much prefer the dials of the X-T4 over PASM. In my opinion, if you understand what PASM is doing then understanding the X-T4's dials will be easy. If you don't really understand PASM then the X-T4's dials will probably make it easier to learn how cameras operate.

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