Detective Ned finding out the truth about BobbyB's true heir

  1. Imagine him going to the king with this revelation for Bobby to tell him: Well my dear Ned most of my predecessors were black of hair cause their mothers were also black of hair, did you miss that part?

  2. I mean people have understood that you resemble your parents for the entirety of our history. Its how animals were bred, and gave way to the Spartans eugenics practice.

  3. If it wasn't for Jon Snow existing and Ned using his black hair color to hide him as a Stark there's a big chance that "the seed is strong" would've otherwise seemed nonsense, as it probably did to a lot of people. And Jon Snow was named after Jon Arryn, so that's an ironic parallel.

  4. Ah Ned. I often wonder what would have happened if he had escaped to the north and called his banners. Likely could've formed an alliance with Stannis and sacked the Lannisters and King's Landing.

  5. Wow if he’d escaped, called his banners, and reached out to Stannis as intended, everything would’ve been different.

  6. I like this a lot, just I feel Ned didn't have a good enough grasp on grammar to last that long as the hand of Stannis.

  7. Bro, an alliance of Ned, Stannis, the Tullys, most likely the Vale and maybe the Tyrells if a marriage between Margaery and Robb could have ever worked, would have wiped the floor with Tywin. I love Tywin but dude would have been cooked.

  8. In the face of overwhelming evidence and opposing forces Tywin would have made a deal to have Cersei executed and Jaime sent to the Wall. The other option would be the total destruction of his house. Then he would have found a new bride and tried like hell to have a new son to name as heir over Tyrion.

  9. He could have listened to Renly and had jeoffery and others imprisoned, or he could have just taken Sansa and Arya and left without having the discussion.

  10. Why would he have called the Banners? His only time to escape was before his injury in which case no need to call the banners, just chill in Winterfell till all the fight is done.

  11. That’s basically what Ned said in AGOT. That Stannis is the rightful King. With the North on his side lead by an alive Ned it’s very likely the war would have gone differently.

  12. If Ned escapes then Stanis definitely wins. There's a chance Renly might make an alliance with the Lannisters to take his brothers family claims but I think he would likely fall in line if both Ned and Stance joined forces. Not sure what Dorn does, I assume they probably still play the waiting game. House Tyrell I think definitely joins Stance though. They definitely always try and play the odds. Worst case scenario they stay neutral.

  13. It pains me that so many people haven't seen Frankenstein Chronicles. Sean Bean returns to his role as a detective in Victorian London. Ends up being an exciting yet tragic show.

  14. Yeah, Rhaenyra's "velaryon" children are definitely bastards, wonder how it's gonna be portrayed in the show

  15. I still keep forgetting HOTD has been recently used to abbreviate House of the Dragon and my brain still thinks Highschool of the Dead.

  16. “Jon, you have grown up believing yourself to be a symbol of my failure to my wife and vows. In truth you are not my bastard. You are my nephew.” I’m not a good writer but even thinking about that situation if it played out is goosebumps for me

  17. Before Ned brought Jon back to Winterfell at the end of Robert's rebellion did he have to go around announcing that he was sleeping with whores so people wouldn't question Jon's parentage.

  18. Rhaenys Targaryen has black hair in book canon. I think HOTD made her blonde so she’s more visually a true Targaryen/Valyrian. Rhaenys’s mother was a Baratheon.

  19. I think they made her hair blonde and that of her husband and her kids because they will go with the story that the boys aren't Laeonor's so it's more visual and clear in people's minds that it is true. I personally hope they won't but the plot is too good not to use it.

  20. I thought she just greyed early. Was black when young but then had grey hair for much of her life. Easy to mistake greying hair with the Targaryen white.

  21. As much as I love Ned, I agree He really didn't think this through. Its like you figure someone commits murder You go tell them you know before calling the authorities.

  22. So Heteropaternalsuperfucantation happened and Rheagar and Robert both Banged Lyanna creating twins which then fused meaning Jon has two dads, he got Roberts looks and Rheagar’s dragon shit

  23. There were Targaryens that had black or brown hair. Prince Baelor Breakspear was the heir until he was felled defending ser Duncan the Tall.

  24. I was always under the impression that the Targeryans were able to keep the Valaryan looks of silver hair and purple eyes because of their inbreeding. There were no other hair colors in the gene pool so it always stayed the same.

  25. It pains me that so many people haven't seen Frankenstein Chronicles. Ned returns to his role as a detective in Victorian England. Ends up being a tragic and sad show. I wish more people would watch it.

  26. Just imagine what could’ve happened if Ned said “fuck it” and told the world Jon was Rhaeger’s heir along with denouncing Joffrey as an incest bastard. Everyone hated Joffrey and the Lannisters, this would’ve been pre Tyrell-Lannister alliance.

  27. I mean, Jon is probably the first Targaryen who's not completely inbred, right? So it makes sense for him to not have the silver hair

  28. Not the first, there've been a few exceptions before. Aegon In the new show, for example, Viserys and Alicent's offsping.

  29. Nah that can't be right, not all Targs are directly inbred. And he is still very inbred considering the grandparents on his Targ side were brother and sister. There have been Targs with gold and black hair if I remember correctly, I'm sure there was literally Targ king with black hair. The silver hair isn't actually that dominant of a gene and can lose out sometimes, it's just that because they inbred so much they maintain it.

  30. No, Targs married non Targaryens all the time. One of the main characters in HotD marries a non Targ wife and has heirs with her.

  31. Egg, nee Aegon V, had a son he named after Ser Duncan the Tall, Duncan Targaryen, whose hair was black as coal.

  32. There have been some Targaryens who weren’t directly inbred (although they still had inbred ancestors). Some examples are Rhaegar’s and Elia Martell’s children Rhaenys and Aegon, Viserys and Alicent Hightower’s children (hotd), Rhaenyra Targaryen’s first three children and Rhaenys Velaryon (who was half Baratheon)

  33. I mean from the fire and blood book it’s rumored Orys Baratheon was Aegons (not from the show, Aegon the conqueror) half brother

  34. Someone needs to write a fanfic of what it would be like if Ned survived. Could probably make it three or four volumes and still release before GRRM finishes Winds.

  35. My personal theory is that the way genes work in ASOIAF universe is that the “stronger” bloodline carries the genes for things like hair color. Which is why every Baratheon had black of hair, and why anything outside of that was a giveaway that Joffrey was not a Baratheon.

  36. That’s the only way I make sense of it too. Otherwise I suppose they just got real lucky Jon wasn’t born with white hair and/or purple eyes.

  37. Okay but....if only the Stark line is stronger than the Targaryen line....why are the Baratheons still black of hair? Rhaelle Baratheon was/is a Targaryen and the grandmother of Robert/Stannis/Renly

  38. I think the very existence of Jon is low key what ultimately led Ned to his lightbulb moment and realize the truth that was right there under everyone's noses the whole time, surely some people already knew or suspected like Littlefinger, Varys, Pycelle but obviously was against their interests to say anything about it, but straight shooters like Stannis and Jon Arryn were none the wiser, it took years for Jon Arryn to realize it before it got him killed for sniffing around, but Ned already has a strong precedent in his mind of the blood being strong, and the convenience of hair hiding or revealing true heritage.

  39. “Anakin Skywalker, brown of hair. Padmé Amidala, brown of hair. Leia Organa, brown of hair. Han Solo, brown of hair. Ben Solo, black of hair 🙀”

  40. I still like my original theory that Jon’s father was the Sword of the Morning, and that Dany was the (switched) baby girl taken from Ashara Dayne, her baby with Rhaegar.

  41. So why does Jon Snow (Aegon T), Son of Rhaegar T (silver hair) & Lyanna S (Red hair) have black hair? Seed was not strong enough in Rhaegar or was Bobby B behind it all ????

  42. John Snow wasnt the first Targaryen without silver hair , there was one Targaryen king who married a Martell and they son had black hair and looked alot more dornish then targaryen,

  43. Honestly, they wrote themselves into a corner, so why not use Gendry and warp the story to be "His is the true blood son of the Baratheons! Hail King Gendry the Bull" and use him in place of fAegon. It's really fucking stupid but it would make Dany's anger even more believable if some random nobody just swooped in and took her crown while she was still busy fucking around in Meereen. A bastard is preferable to incest and it would fit the one theory that in the books fAegon may not be legitimate but that his reign will give people a rest for once and they'll all just delude themselves into believing a lie.

  44. Idk I feel like it might have been discovered by Ned when he watched his sister die giving birth to a black haired baby named Aegon Targaryen and which he then took home to raise as Jon Snow….

  45. What I thought was so odd about that was going into season two or three the hair color of Tyrion and Jaime just change to brown for no apparent reason. This despite the gold colored hair of the Lannisters being such an important plot point in season one (and really throughout the series if you think about it). Like Jaime in the process of losing his hand has his hair perma-dyed by the mud and manure he was pushed in?


  47. Ned knew before that Jon was a true heir (at least a contendant for the throne) though he chose not to involve him in the GoT. Here he was searching for evidence against Cersei’s children and what Jon Arryn discovered

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