If women committed mass shootings they would be held fully accountable

  1. If women were doing this, society would be asking, "What's going on with women? Why are women doing this?" But because it's men, and masculinity is invisible as a gender, it's just like, "Why are PEOPLE doing this?"

  2. Considering how asylums and mental hospitals were created and have treated female patients who had no business being there in the first place I agree 100%. I really need to study this more because women are punished with WAY more force for actions that are more excusable and less harmful than men's. Women who murder get longer prison sentences than men, single mothers are treated like the devil scape goat incarnate by society and the court system, female patients get shut down and villanaized to criminal degrees. We are treated like monsters: witches, crazy ladies, whores and harpies meanwhile men rape and murder without any of the character assasination.

  3. Yes women have had a long record of historical oppression which carries on today. These days it’s not quite as easy to just accuse a woman of being a witch and having her executed but they’re trying to get creative with methods. Such as abortion now. Fearful males will always try and find a way to demonize women, it is important we do not back down and do not remain in silence

  4. I completely agree. If women committed mass shootings we would be banned from owning guns, searched before entering any location, electronically tracked/monitored and probably executed.

  5. Historically, women have been given harsher punishments for the same crimes men commit. In the late 1800s, women were punished severely for adultery, even if suspected and not proven. They were accused of being ’harlots’ for being raped. Men were revered for having multiple mistresses but the women they had as mistresses were treated as glorified prostitutes! Women trying to learn medicine were called witches by theologians.

  6. I've been thinking about this as well. If women were brandishing AR15's,, men would be hysterical and there would be congressional hearings and laws passed to restrict our rights even more. This isn't even just a mental health issue because women are NOT doing this. Look back at past mass shootings. Almost EVERY one of these men have a history of domestic violence and/or misogyny, including this one. Just look at how many murder a close female before going on their rampage! THAT should be the story here, along with banning weapons of war being available to anyone who wants one. But powerful in do not want to discuss men who hate women when It's easier to say it's just "people", including women of course!, who are murderous monsters

  7. Fun fact! ALL of mass shooters expressed misoginy online or in real life and harassed women. Many of those scumbags say they did it because they had no girlfriend or no friend. 80% have a history of domestic abuse, sometimes even MURDER of a wife, sister or mother. This is 100% a gendered issue, it all stems from men's INSANE entitlement and misoginy. The moment a man puts his hands on his wife or daughter, he should be encarcerated and never let go. This is the only way we cab assure no one will get hurt.

  8. Kinda reminds me of that one gag in Bojack Horseman where Diane gets women to start carrying guns because of an article she wrote and the state of L.A banned guns...because women were using it in self defense.

  9. Regarding that particular female celebrity, you can't even scroll through youtube anymore. Every commentary youtuber and recently the biggest youtuber made a video mocking her and calling the male celebrity a "good man".

  10. my brother was trying to tell me that JD is another "Keanu Reeves" (aka a super, almost inhumanly nice guy). i laughed in his face and told him JD has had a bad reputation for decades before Amber and is an open Roman Polanski supporter. he didn't believe me so i showed him the interview on YouTube. my favorite part was actually a comment somebody wrote on the video - "This must be why his wife beat him." it made me laugh so much and my brother completely lost it, especially when I said I 100% support anybody who beats up child rapist supporters. as far as I'm concerned, Amber Heard is a hero if she ever smacked Johnny fucking Depp.

  11. I unsubbed the moment he dropped that bullshit in a "meme review." It was a disgusting, boring, lame, trite-ass fucking "Take." To me, he outed himself as a possible wife beater in that moment. If he sees this abusive alcoholic POS this way then I can't imagine what he thinks a good man is, and I doubt he's one of them.

  12. Let me add it's actually researched that female attorneys that do the same ethical mistake as a male attorney are significantly more likely to be disbarred.

  13. I've also noticed when a man does something to a woman it's always referred to as alleged. Then somehow the woman's details get "leaked" to the media.

  14. Exactly. It also should be noted that 98% of mass shootings are committed by men as well. But has the US legislature done anything about it? Nope! They haven’t done shit to provide the safety and care for American children! They won’t even talk about gun control policies because those laws will never pass 😶. Also, “thoughts and prayers” isn’t doing any action. I hate it when I see so many senators talking about on social media how gun control policies are bad but they don’t do ANYTHING! They just type a couple of tweets and care on about their lives and hit send.

  15. It's literally as easy to get a gun as 1 click shopping. There are already quite a few women doing this. I myself am a lifelong gun owner, and have experienced that dripping sexism when at the range.

  16. I agree that more women open carrying those weapons would get a lot of societal attention and I think responses would vary wildly. I think some men who are insecure and lacking in confidence would then feel compelled to open carry these big high capacity firearms too so they don’t feel emasculated. I think it would actually create an appreciable momentum in increasing gun ownership and open carry. Some men would think it’s sOoOo hOt oMG because it’s like something out of their pornsick and gun worshipping fantasies. Some wouldn’t care. Some would actually panic lol

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