What clear coat or protective finish should I put on these to preserve and protect them, white tends to get dirty very fast and I want them to look “show quality”

  1. I’ve heard of that but I’m pretty sure that’s used to smooth out the pla’s and stuff. If you have a source that says otherwise and it can be used for clear coats I’d love to see it. I just don’t want it to smooth out the stippling at all.

  2. Krylon clear coat satin finish 8-9 coats and any grime or residue just wipes off with a paper towel check my posts to see how mine turned out

  3. Obviously I haven’t completely finished sanding and preparing them but I want to get everything now so I can get them finished up as my rail kits arrive Thursday or Friday…

  4. It’ll get dirty with use no matter what coat you put on it. Alcohol wipes help clean it off before you want it to look purty but other than that it’s just a part of life

  5. Yeah like he said p80’s take different rails. But the best deal I found for rails was on eBay and don’t forget to order the locking block.

  6. I just bought the spray can and did a test spray on another to make sure it looks good first. But I might post a pic or vid when it’s complete

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