Definitely should have used tree supports but I was rushing man 😭😭😭 hopefully it don’t be too hard to take off

  1. If you use default support settings on a Chairmanwon stippled frame you are in for a bad time. He includes recommended settings in the readme that accompanies his pack. Next time give these a try:

  2. I wouldn’t stress I’ve done 4 or 5 frames now all like that with regular supports rails up they are a little annoying to remove but it ain’t that bad

  3. Worst area is the trigger guard otherwise everything else is not too difficult. Drilling the supports through the trigger guard makes that area easier

  4. Naw I literally clicked on supports and then when to print but ima get a hot knife or some to take it off easy with welt around the hard parts I’m just now see that’s tree supports use less material and is easy fast this print time 61hrs in and 40hrs left

  5. Oh yeah you'll be good lmao I did the same thing but the support around the backstrap didnt stick to the grip and was getting filament everywhere

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