The stages of the build from print bed to completed

  1. There are many many helpful people in this group and others that will share their knowledge of you wish to start printing. I’ve been printing for about three and half months. At work, for a refresher, I decided to listen to some of the first YouTube videos I watched. Ctr Pew printer thirty frames before he got the lo point right. I’m not far behind. It will teach you patience and push you to make better prints.

  2. Tree supports save material im just not a fan for gun stuff so I use regular. Tree supports are nice for some prints because they can support multiple areas with more detail

  3. Thanks! To be 100% honest I got a horrible astigmatism and all red dots looks like garbage from ade to trijicon 😂 only really useful to about 15 yards

  4. Used a file then did some sanding 220,400,1000 Krylon ColorMaxx paint+primer, then moved to high flow acrylic paint for touch up and then like 8 coats of weatherproof satin clear coat now smudges or dirt just wipe off

  5. I posted on here 9 days ago for the first time not knowing a thing about printing your own gun. I live in Texas, yesterday I heard on Fox News that a person can print there own gun with a 200 printer. Is this BS or are they really that cheap?

  6. This was printed on an ender 3 max but I have printed functioning frames on an original ender 3 with about 50$ worth of upgrades got the printer on sale on Amazon for 185

  7. Hey OP I just joined the community too and am wondering if you have any experience printing frames using PETG? Also I’m still kinda lost on where to source models? Thanks for any info

  8. Source from ctrl pew, odysee, sometimes even cultz, but if you want to get jiggy wit it DEFCAD is only $60 a year (it might be a one time fee but I think It’s annual) and comes with hundreds of files. You can look at them all for free if you just look up DEFCAD.

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