Might have just gotten scammed from ol' DEFCAD. Paid for the membership, jumped through the hoops, gave them all of my personal info, just to hit a dead end. Ya'll tried to warn me but I dove head-first into the glue trap anyways.

  1. There's a lot of people who simply like to profit off of other peoples Free and Open work. We only have a few here, thankfully, and they usually get tarred and feathered for their deeds.

  2. I've tried searching all the other sites for these files I want, I've messaged the designers with no reply, paying DEF was my only real option. It says about a thousand people already downloaded it so I'm looking to pay someone who already has the files on hand haha

  3. Thank you for posting this I’m new here and was considering the membership for some of the unique designs I hadn’t seen any warnings about it your a life saver

  4. Same here. They wanted my social security number and wouldn't refund. Canceled my account. They kept my $50. I should have listened. Now I just warn everyone and try to lose them as much business as I possibly can.

  5. Dispute the transaction. They refused to ship to you, so most banks/CC companies will just stop payment. It's a digital file, so it's not like anything was actually lost.

  6. Do a chargeback. The more they get, the greater the chances that they will not be able to take credit cards in the future.

  7. But everything on there was released for free before it went up there 99percent of the time the only ones that go up there first are like the blc because they want to pay for the cost of design

  8. It's part of what some people are about. Homemade guns are completely legal where I live. I don't care which agencies see my guns, I typically post them on my personal page anyways.

  9. Surely you dont mean CIA since they aren't allowed, and typically don't anymore, work on US soil. Now is it the honeypot of the ATFE and FBI? Yup.

  10. Well I have a Google drive link where I download requested files and upload them for free. DEFCAD files and some ones I found elsewhere I think are useful.

  11. Dude you had BOTH files I was after. Pulling my legios membership now! Message me a bitcoin address where I can tip you!

  12. I got drunk and signed up once, even sent the picture of my ID and everything lmao their reasoning was "for ITAR" which actually makes sense, but even if it's the feds I don't really care... It's not like I wasn't being monitored anyway. I think I've downloaded just about every file they've released on there, code is free speech and the FBI/ATF can gargle my stinky nuts

  13. How tf did you get past the FFL bullshit? Do you have any of Yoshitomo's files? If you have the 4 sided Glock rail unit, I'll buy a copy from you.

  14. I'm almost completely convinced that it's a data collection operation. I don't know any big names in home gun design that are involved in it (at the managament level), and it kind if sprung up out of nowhere.

  15. No there are a few unique files on there that can't be found anywhere else. A couple of the files I'm after are completely novelty but I try to collect as many of these files as I can.

  16. I don't think the glock unit I'm after is on odyssey. I've spent hours searching other 3D websites, even tried to find Yoshitomo's own directory, I can't find it anywhere.

  17. Glock switch models are out and readily available. Zero reason to pay anybody for them. I don't even get the point of DefCad anymore. It's adding nothing of value.

  18. They're thieves, not only of money but of work product and credit. Frankly, I don't like them very much, if I'm being honest, respectfully, tbh.

  19. WTF?! that' new, I was having issues with the Legio verification the other night. Keep saying it was sending me the email for the verification code but never got it

  20. Did you have a typo in your email? I had the exact same issue and they had to refund me so I could try again. The process is beyond tedious but it does work if you stick with it. However, I'm spreading the files for free as I don't believe in paid access to the 2A. Please look for my comment with the edited link and spread it to those who are in need of it.

  21. Everytime I go on and login to get a file it works for me. Found out if I try to log on through different wifi connections it'll ask me to verify my identity so now I just do it through my mobile data

  22. Will say they've released statements about wanting to be able to give files for free. The courts have them there, they have to charge for legal fees, they have to have your info for Legio because of ITAR and other states laws. They're not trying to be the bad guys they're just trying to follow the law.

  23. I have no problem with paying for files, I even did the verification process. My issue is that they want to "ship" my files to an FFL. Never heard of that before and they mentioned nothing of it before I joined Legio. I canceled the membership, Cody can keep the 60 sheckles. Consider it a donation to the cause. Love your frames, btw! I was one of the first mfs on twitter using your Aztec frame! Haha

  24. The purpose of supporting DefCad through memberships is to fund DD Legio. The people who are actively fighting to keep file sharing legal and protected by the first amendment. I’m tired of seeing so much whining about having to pay for stuff, don’t bother breaking down the acronym of FOSSCAD, I’ve read it I understand it. But that philosophy doesn’t change the fact people in the government want to take this away from us. If it’s illegal to share files, free STLs for the people who couldn’t bother to do some work for themselves won’t matter at all. This community is fucking terrible about taking other peoples work for granted and shitting on them while downloading the equivalent of 1000s of hours of work. We all love free stuff, but for fucks sake quit acting so entitled.

  25. No the money isn't the problem, I paid for the annual membership, verified my identity with them and then when I went to purchase the files, they said I needed to provide an FFL that they could ship the files to...like they're going to package up my digital files and USPS them to a gun store? What does that even mean? This is an obvious scam. It's in their "benefits" tab that you would have access to the DEFCAD files, they didn't hold up their end of the bargain.

  26. Nailed it! I've noticed that in this community. Between being lazy and cheap they are also quick and eager to criticize the makers w/o contributing shit (money or time/designs)... it's fucking pathetic...

  27. still shouldn't be an issue, I pulled Andersons new HF off there a few weeks ago, it was acting funny the other day with the Legio confirmations, I'm thinking they've under attack

  28. They now know that you make guns. If gun making ever becomes illegal where you live then they will be watching you.

  29. I'm already on two watchlists. One from when ATF raided the P80 offices and seized the customer info. The other was from when the FBI came knocking on my door last year. I could not care less who knows I like to make guns.

  30. i had same issue, they wouldent let me in after paying, write them a nasty email and in 6 weeks they might refund you. that site is shit. the people who run it have there assholes puckerd so hard that you cant download shit....torrent instead.

  31. Got any vids or tutorials on how to pirate files from a site like that? I'd be super interested in learning something like that.

  32. No, I paid full price. The FFL bullshit is what turned me off of it. I was able to get the exact files I was after from a fellow enthusiast for free.

  33. Thanks to the wonderful folks of fosscad, I was able to get the files I was after for free. Ya'll are seriously the baddest mfs I swear.

  34. I will tell you this if you are running a vpn it will not let you download files either. Weird shit happens on that site running a vpn which probably just adds to the WTF feeling

  35. Been there done that myself. I did a post here a few months ago detailing my struggles which are also yours. It’s almost like you’re me a few months ago.

  36. Get TOR for your phone, go to odysee, download to your hearts content. The gatalog, are we cool yet, hoffman tactical, booligan, they're all there. Or just go to ctrl-pew. The signal cannot be stopped, cannot be profiteered.

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