[Lewis Hamilton] on IG: Last weekend with this legend. He'll probably be back, but just in case. It's been real @sebastianvettel

  1. Vettel has overall been Ham's has greatest competitor throughout the decades. It was a race for quite a while as who would be first to 5th and 6th WDC, but Ham just kept on going till his 7th. Seb came close a few times with Ferrari, he really deserved a WDC with them, would have been amazing, but alas.

  2. I’m willing to bet Seb will be a part of the new Sauber team backed by Audi in 2024. If not in a driving role, then in a management role. And obviously they’ll get Mick on board as well.

  3. Honestly i’m finding it hard to imagine f1 without Seb so I imagine it must feel really strange for Lewis knowing that someone who has been a constant presence in your racing career for such a long time won’t be on the grid next year

  4. And not to mention seb is one of the few drivers on the grid that Lewis is extremely close with. I remember reading that when seb wanted to retire the 1st time it was lewis who talked him out of it

  5. Lewis in 10 years: “Been awhile since we’ve seen this legend. Probably will come back any day now but for now we wait #blessed”

  6. As a huge fan of the Pixar Cars movies, to me, this is pretty much Cars 3. Older racers starting to retire and newer (hopefully faster) ones taking their place. Only 5 drivers on the grid next year raced in F1 pre hybrid era.

  7. It's not unusual for a driver to retire then return a couple years later. Never have I ever wanted this more in Sebs case. Never thought I'd have so much love for a bloke I've never met.

  8. I dunno, I think I’m starting to move through the grief curve here into acceptance. Compared to other retire-and-return champs, I think Seb has much more he wants to accomplish off track and those goals could be enough to keep him from returning. I just hope he stays in the limelight at least and graces the F1 punditry scene from time to time!

  9. I think he will return (100% not in denial) but spots on the grid need to open up (either through rookie/young talent cycling through or a new team joins).

  10. Let's hope he comes back just in time for Kimi too as well... all in time before Lewis hangs up his gloves and Alonso for that matter.

  11. Sebastian in a hypercar does sound awesome. Lots of potential teams too considering how much the class expands over the next two years.

  12. I am a lifelong F1 fan, who has seen Mario Andretti race on the old 14 mile or so old Nuerburgring, and through the years, many greats have come and gone. Seb will definitely be missed. Watching last weeks Abu Dhabi GP on TV, I noticed Belgian Jacky Ickx, one of the greats, who never won a world championship. In those days, some of the drivers would die in crashes every year. It is good to see this rarely happen anymore.

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