F1: Mercedes boss Toto Wolff considering unscheduled trip to Japanese GP amid cost-cap row

  1. TLDR: He wasn't scheduled to go to the Japanese GP but now might go, depends on what happens on Wednesday. He also revealed he will miss a number of events next season to “survive” F1’s 24-round calendar

  2. So he wants to be there to laugh Horner in the face or rage at the media depending on the verdict?

  3. It gets me how at 21 races the teams were expressing how tough it was to survive...and now we're getting 24 races. The FIA and F1 doesn't listen to the teams...

  4. I feel it is just his way of making the next level leadership within the team to grow and self-manage even without him. They are probably already doing a good portion of it today with Toto having to make very few decisions during a race weekend that requires his physical presence.

  5. I’ve seen multiple people say the cost cap doesn’t include travel or lodging, but I’m too lazy to verify this information for you

  6. I’m pretty sure I remember Toto saying last year that he wanted to take a step back to spend time with his family. I assumed that everything that happened at the end made that harder to actually do.

  7. Ever since Adrian Newey declared he is winding down involvement in RBR and ended up somehow gaining more influence, I've decided to ignore talks of wanting to step back until they actually happen.

  8. Like Ron Dennis and 2007, I suspect if Hamilton had won 2021 then Wolff and Hamilton would be a lot closer to retirement than they currently are.

  9. They are going to start rotating at Merc starting now basically, the whole travel team for next year at the latest

  10. He’s planning on taking some weekends off in the future. In the article he says next year he will skip some races and the employees will as well because a 23 or 24 race calendar is too hard on people who work everyday of the week and race weekends as well. They can do some stuff remotely and use radios

  11. The hours and travel whilst glamorous early on I’m sure drain when it’s just airport, track and hotel, then repeat

  12. Toto should be able to afford to skip the airport aspect of it all, especially if he's sharing flights with drivers or staff throughout.

  13. I used to have a travel job that was probably as much time, if not more, on the road as the F1 circus. Even though mine was in the mostly in the same time zone it still wears on you after a few years in a row. Weekends would disappear into thin air. You lose touch with family and friends, and life would change every time you see them. It gets hard sitting in one place for too long of a time. It becomes hard to live a 'normal' life.

  14. Ross Brawn got done for speeding in 2009 and his comments in court were interesting. Basically, if you want to survive in F1, you can't waste a minute queuing at the airport. That minute x ~20 races, every year, to and from each trip - it all adds up. You become a master of arriving as they shut the doors.

  15. I remember leaving Spa this year after camping there from Thursday to Monday. The idea of attending another race, yet alone working the event seemed so far beyond my physical and mental capabilities. I think if you had paid me to go to Zandvoort I would have said yes but complained the whole time.

  16. It seems like the way they planned the order of the 24 races has as much to do with the stress incoming as just having 24 races does. They fly back and for the across the world constantly instead of regions at a time.

  17. Blimey Crofty, Ferrari have outdone themselves again, they left the car back in Italy. Not what I thought they meant about taking time off.

  18. The teams will have to update their “work from home” procedures and infrastructure, and have permanent staff on each continent (as every multinational enterprise has). Less overall travel, god for environment and family harmony… everybody wins!

  19. Here is what I don't get. How can Toto be ready to be so pissed off if Red Bull and Aston are given their certs when he is not supposed to have any info on the other teams submissions?

  20. Mate. This is how F1 rumor mill and allegations have always been operating for years. Just take Ferrari fuelgate as an example from 2019 from recent years. Unless you have been living under a rock.

  21. I mean you could say the same thing about redbull being in Mercedes discussions with the FIA at the end of last year, as it also had nothing to do with them anymore than any one else on the grid.

  22. Its an open secret in the paddock. Toto isn't the only person who knows about it. Ferrari commented, Williams commented, McLaren declined to name anyone but commented on the idea. Clearly nothing secret amongst the teams. Marko openly talked about some of the disagreement on Saturday and continued yesterday, I seriously doubt any of what he said was unknown to the teams

  23. You don't give up your sources haha, all the teams have ex employees in the FIA and given how familiar F1 people are with each other I'm sure they are trading a lot of gossip. If the whistle has been correctly blown here, which all reports point to, I don't see why it shouldn't be public (It leaked through the Press, not Toto). Maintaining the budget cap is one of the most important things for the competitive integrity of F1

  24. I thought it was obvious that all of the teams have had the certifications and information leaked. Leaking does seem to be a bit of a habit within the FIA and the sport in general, confidentialities are not being maintained but I also understand on some level because transparency seems to be a rather large problem in the sport

  25. Here's what I don't get, everyone acting like the information has come from Toto and not any other team boss or person in the paddock. Binotto has iterally been calling out RBs spending for months.

  26. He’s not talking about the money. He’s talking about all of the traveling and how it takes tool on each member, especially with 24 races coming up next year

  27. Someone else posted, but apparently travel costs aren't part of the cost cap and Toto is referring to there being too much travel, not the monetary cost of it.

  28. Is it a narrative when one of the teams bosses comes out in an interview and says that they are having a disagreement about certain things with the FIA in regards to the budget

  29. To take it to the extreme: if every team literally had 1 million to produce a car and get it around 24 tracks a year, you don't think they will be extremely close?

  30. So...wasn't going travel, but since there is an opportunity to mouth off on Horner/RB both to the TV cameras and to the FIA personnel, now he wants to. Any actual appeal of this (if even possible) or complaints about changing last years standings would be submitted directly to the FIA offices through official channels.

  31. He’s doung it even though the spotlight is on red bull and cost cap breaches form last season, meaning he could get the championship if they are disqualified or are demoted through penalties

  32. Imagine if Mercedes was announced as violating the cost cap? Then Toto would definitely need to be in Japan... with their Chief Accountant. :P

  33. Seeems weird he would start taking a step back by missing the Japanese GP. Its late season and an iconic track we havent been to the last few years. You'd think he would want to be there.

  34. Sorry, the article is behind a paywall... what does Wednesday's budget cap announcement have anything to do with whether he goes or not?

  35. It's not a paywall, just a prompt to register for a free account. Just click the button that says "I'll try later" and it'll go away

  36. Why does the cost-cap come into this? I thought travel and hotel did not count towards the cost-cap.

  37. Drivers below 5th in the championship should be able to take a race weekend off per season as leave and let a rookies have a shot.

  38. They can already do that. You think Toto would force Lewis to race if Lewis said he wants a weekend off in a year where both championships are far out of reach? Obviously not.

  39. He's a smart man. He HAS to be there to either gloat or mitigate any damage to his brand depending on the outcome which is tomorrow and the only reason I'm excited for a Wednesday.

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