One reprimand, one five-second time penalty for Perez and he keeps the win

  1. They are specifically doing this to avoid interfering with the results. Like Canada 2019. But the problem here is that how can you trust that they aren't actively choosing winners and losers as a opposed to following the rules and living with the results?

  2. No. It was a black and white decision, so if it were made during the race, both infractions would have penalized with 5s each.

  3. If the race has time limits, these penalty decisions should have too. They need to decide and not take as long as 2hrs for this

  4. in mexico 2016 they changed the podium positions the following day (or many hours after the end of the race, i don't know) after the race

  5. These penalty should not have a decision. Crashes have complex dynamics which need interpretation to assign fault.

  6. The cynic in me would say it looks like they tried their hardest to apply a penalty to both infringements without changing the race result in whatever way they could.

  7. It says Perez got an "express warning" from the Race Director after the first offence, so honestly I'd expect a bigger penalty than 5 seconds for doing a second time.

  8. That would definitely explain why they punted until after the race to decide it. Which doesn’t make much sense otherwise.

  9. A fucking disgrace. He makes an infringement, doesn't get a penalty for some reason and receives a warning to not do it again, does it again and they give give him the smallest penalty possible.

  10. If Lelcarc would've known during the race. We would've not trashed his tires and stayed within a 5 seconds of Perez.

  11. When they announced that Perez will be investigated after the race, I knew they will not take away his victory, no matter what.

  12. Yep. Waiting till it finishes so they would know which penalty doesn't change the outcome. Ridiculous actually.

  13. Who didn’t guess this? That has been their mode of operation and even more this season: penalize a dangerous driving only if the victim crashes out. When penalties are issued, make sure they are absolutely meaningless so as not to interfere.

  14. They were 100% trying to find for the past 2 hours how not to give him a 10 second penalty so that the race finish doesn't change and it doesn't becone an absolute shitshow

  15. It's so stupid because it's such a black and white decision too. Even though i don't think the infringement actually gained him anything, you either broke the rule, or you didn't. There's no real room for interpretation on it so why can it not be decided immediately. If it had, both Charles and Perez would have approached the race after the first safety car different. And again after the second.

  16. Meh most sports don’t even have review systems and are littered with calls that can easily go both ways, specifically team sports but still. 100% agree that them taking 2 hours to make a decision like this is absurd but they have entire teams of people dedicated to making sure the rules are followed and although they don’t always, they usually get it right when they do review it. Idk about this one though, took them 2 hours and their decision was a bit sketch but it would’ve sucked if they’d taken Checo’s win away.


  18. How is it that an incident from lap 10 and one from lap 36 weren't investigated until two hours after the race ended??

  19. No that's why they wait till after the race. They can then make decisions that'll seem more "fair". Which is kinda unfair because it destroys the point of a penalty. But nonetheless. Well done to Sergio

  20. It would be different. There's no world in which they'd overturn the result. If the difference was more than 10 seconds, he'd be given 2x 5 seconds instead of this.

  21. Two different penalties for the same violation, just so it won't change the race result. Kinda fishy, but to be expected. Shame, rule consistency is still missing in F1.

  22. The frustrating thing with this too is that even if they penalized both the same and Perez lost the win here, that would still be a farce as well because he would have driven differently after that first penalty was issued.

  23. they are very consistent in not changing the result retrospectively unless the infringement is severe or blatant.

  24. I mean, they do the same thing with track limits. You can exceed them a bunch, then eventually it's a penalty. And exactly what exceeding them is is kinda wonky and changes race to race. So 🤷

  25. It's very much giving we know we should penalise both but we don't want to change the result retrospectively so we'll only give one penalty


  27. FIA is such trash tbh, like how are we saying this every other week. Happy checo kept the win tho

  28. So you can create a large gap once during a race I guess. They should either actually enforce the rules or just remove this rule.

  29. 2x5 seconds had Checo been > 10 ahead. We complain that the FIA are not consistent from race to race, and they pull this shite in response...

  30. While I understand the desire to enforce the rules as has been done w others, I don’t see he got an advantage and as such, don’t really care.

  31. Do you guys no remember 2020 Tuscan GP, where the accordion effect managed to radically slow down before taking off, only to trigger a massive set of collisions? That's why that rule exists.

  32. Why are people crying about this? It’s not like Perez gained an advantage over Leclerc or anybody by doing this. Imagine giving a race winner a 10 second penalty for something that gave him no advantage and taking away his win when he was the best driver out there. Deserved win, fair ruling.

  33. F1 is such a farce sometimes. We can't be giving out penalties based on the result, it makes the whole sport look like a crock of shit. Want to make sure Perez wins the race if he crosses the line first? Then don't penalise him. This fitting the penalty to the outcome shit is incredibly gross.

  34. Checo clearly outperformed Leclerc and still people are mad Charles didn’t win on a technicality that gave no advantage. He couldn’t even close the 5 second gap. Sore losers. What else is new. If it were the other way around all of you would be arguing for Leclerc not getting penalized. Have some integrity.

  35. Logic and sources are not welcome in this thread, only Leclerc crybabies are allowed to comment about his “stolen” win.

  36. Anyone find it interesting that Charles was pretty close until RB told Perez to put the hammer down, then he easily pulled away and made a huge gap. I think there's a huge amount of extra performance in that RB they are hiding sometimes to lower the political pressure.

  37. Don’t think it’s necessarily that Perez had extra pace. Leclerc’ pace just fell off after his tyres gave up. Even Sainz gained around four seconds on him the last 7 or so laps

  38. It's clear they're 1 second faster. But till today only max has that advantage, now it seems they unlocked the new oace also to Pérez

  39. Hahahaha, of course it is. Only reason it was a post race decision was so they could set something up that didn't interfere with the precious "show".

  40. So 3 infringements of the same rule across 2 different safety-car periods and he gets 1 x 5 second penalty? The mental gymnastics from the stewards required to avoid dropping him to 2nd is unbelievable. Nothing against Perez at all, but it's honestly embarrassing. The FIA and the stewards need to start regulating this sport with some fucking integrity

  41. Watching people’s heads explode over this is honestly hilarious, it had no impact on the outcome and nobody was endangered, it was a procedural error. There are so many people that want to see Sergio fail it’s kind of ridiculous. Maybe Ferrari should get their own house in order instead of rooting for penalties so they can be gifted wins they didn’t earn.

  42. People are pissed at the ridiculous delay on the penalty, but also the lack of consistency. He should have either got 2 reprimands or 2 5s penalty, not different penalties for the same infringement.

  43. I was expecting Perez to be handed a 5-second penalty, but I was NOT expecting him to pull off the gap and keep the W.

  44. This adds even more merit to Checo's win. Whatever about the FIA and their indecision but to pull out that gap in the small amount of time he had was incredibly impressive.

  45. Okay, so today I learned that this community hates Perez. Nice. FIA could not give penalty for the very first one, because it has happened several times with others previously without penalty (it was mentioned in the interviews after the race), it only worths a warning. They could and they had to penalize the 2nd one, and they did so. In this wet and swiftly changing condition I think this is the proper decision making that they waited and asked the driver and only then made the final decision. Or should they contact the driver in the pole via the radio while he was driving? Yes, the rules are exact, but the situations may differ and there are precedents.

  46. Reading all the toxicity in this thread makes me realise how blindly people will dislike a driver because of the team.

  47. Controversial decision. Why two different penalties for the same offence? Just because there was more water on the track the first time? Weak from the stewards.

  48. As long as this is the penalty for everyone doing this twice in one race I don't mind, but the problem is we all know that is unlikely.

  49. A warning and two following incidents…. But the first time “it was hard to keep up with the safety car :( “ so they don’t care about that

  50. funny how hamilton or bottas never got slapped with a 5 second penalty whenever they dropped more than 10 car lengths behind the car ahead during a safety car to ensure they could double stack but others couldn't.

  51. It’s hilarious that something so meaningless to the outcome of the race is causing such a fuss. The FIA has some crazy ticky tack rules.

  52. Ferrari on the radio: "he's is probably getting a 5 sec penalty, stay within the 5 sec mark"

  53. It is not a valid penalty in the first place. And it is very dubious that they made this decision after they see how much a gap there was between them and not during the race. No one should expect fans to trust the FIA after last years screw up and inaction. They should have given a proportionate penalty at the right time. But they didn’t because they want to decide who wins and who loses instead of doing a proper job.

  54. "We do not accept that the conditions were such as to make it impossible or dangerous for PER to have maintained the required less than 10 car length gap. Nevertheless, we took into account the wet conditions and the difficulties highlighted by PER as mitigatory circumstances for this incident"

  55. Let’s remember the gap to the safety car offers no competitive advantage nor does it change who would win a race. I wholly agree it would have been wrong to penalize Perez and take away the win and I’ll double down and say past penalties were unjustified and far too harsh. Just slap their license with a couple points and move on.

  56. He did earn the win on merit but still doesn't mean the stewards should apply the rules just to keep the results the same.

  57. Feels like they wanted to avoid a situation like with Vettel and Hamilton in Canada. If they give the decision during the race and Perez stays within 5 seconds then they know they'll get flak for giving it to Leclerc. After the race they can safely give a punishment without that. If he was within 5 seconds, then they say it's just a warning or fine, something that won't affect the result. If he was 10 seconds up they'd probably have given him a 10 second penalty.

  58. I love Ferrari, my dad was Italian and the whole family is “Ferrarista” BUT I would not think it would be fair to Lec get the win post race. So I think 5 sec was fair.

  59. They could’ve made this choice during the race but they didn’t wanna change the outcome of the race because they are cowards.

  60. Imagine if this penalty was applied during the race, Charles wouldn't have shredded his tires trying to overtake and potentially could've stayed within 5 seconds of Perez.

  61. He wouldn't have gotten the penalty if he ended up less than 5 seconds ahead. Some of the decisions taken today, such as not starting the race earlier or waiting until HOURS after the race finished to determine the winner, something they could have done in a minute during the race are awful for the sport.

  62. How many times last year did Ham do this very same thing and literally no investigation whatsoever. He did it every single time.

  63. The FIA will never again take away a win for a sporting infringement. After Canada 2019 and how angry people got about it they’re just gonna contort themselves into preserving the win for the car that finished first.

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