Does anyboddy know what this icon means?

  1. I actually got accused of edge walking once. Fun fact, I didn't even know back then it was a thing, just my controller was broken (drifting out analogs)

  2. The symbol of the Uchiha Clan, renowned for their impressive combat abilities, powerful eyes, and mental stability. Unfortunately there was a familial dispute and uh... Itachi won.

  3. well can u really say he won when he had to leave the village and his beloved younger brother grew up hating him

  4. I mean, I don’t blame them, if you can play as a fucking samurai and add fire effects to your finishers you might as well be a naruto character.

  5. Yeah these people make it sound like the naruto emblem player killed their family, edge walked out of there and shit on their lawn. they need to chill it's not that seriousss

  6. I’d tolerate them, but it’s 40% of the total emblems (at least in PlayStation) and use Orochi or Shinobi then edge walk every time they kill you and finally they are the saltiest kids I’ve ever seen

  7. Weeb shit, typically seen in Kyoshin mains but you may spot it on other heroes from time to time. It's the Uchiha clan symbol, from Naruto, worn by the edgy femboy Sasuke. See the parallel?

  8. It's the Uchiha clan's emblem! It's from Naruto, you may have seen or heard of Sasuke who is apart of the clan. (He's the one that's being choked in that one meme)

  9. It's from Naruto(anime) it's the Uchiha clan. I have the same emblem. Holy shit i haven't done an emblem since the game launched my lord.

  10. Even as someone who is a weeb myself, and Naruto is one of my favorite shows of all time btw, I still cringe into the 4th dimension when I see someone with that emblem

  11. it means they think they're a hardcore weeb because they watched 4 episodes of naruto and thought sasuke was cool.

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