Is this called turkey tail and is it edible

  1. Looks like it! As others have said, it's pretty hard to eat due to its texture. However, look online and perhaps Paul Stamet's TED talks and you will see this mushroom has many benefits! I would personally dehydrate them, powder them and make them into capsule supplements, but there are other ways like tea and tinctures too!

  2. I dry them then crush them up then add a small amount (probably about or just less than a teaspoon) to meals. You barely taste it but it is medicinal as other commenters have suggested.

  3. I dry and grind them then put them in a cafetiere/French press with whatever else I've got lying around - blackcurrant leaves, lime blossom, rosehips. Seems to help the immune system.

  4. Cool. I’ve broken mine up before and added to crock pot with water and made tea. Works great with Reishi too

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