Me hesitating to tell my team their performance was disappointing after a loss

  1. I'll go apeshit as soon as halftime when we're dominating 15-2 shots and 70/30 possession but still 0-0 or worse. They better get the fuck out of here with that loser mentality. PUT IT IN THE NET

  2. I am just being brutally honest. If they played shit they must know it don't care If they go crawling back to there mom

  3. Same here. You lost a game we could have at least earned a draw? Or you lost a game we were supposed to lose but didn't give it your all?

  4. Me in every other game: better not choose that option it sounds kind of sassy maybe they won’t like me :(

  5. Sometimes I wish there was an option to go absolutely ballistic at half time. The aggressive "I'm not happy with your performance" doesn't seem enough. I want to be throwing water bottles

  6. Just lost to Villa in the Fa Cup final, played like garbage. I was ready to sell the whole team, cooler heads prevailed, only listed half the starting 11.

  7. If my team really disappoints me I always directly after the game kick all starting 11 from the club and then close the game.

  8. If I'm proper fuming, I go Aggressive > that wasn't good enough... They all then have 'fired up' after. However I think this only works if you've built a very good rapport with the team

  9. Hell no, not in FM. I will “THAT PERFORMANCE WAS UNACCEPTABLE” that complacency out of these boys, trust me

  10. Assman saying I should tell the team they played well after we lose 4-0. Leading to them becoming confused and disinterested

  11. I would 100% be known as a brilliant but abusive manager in all of my saves. But if you get far enough with a club you can tear shreds off the players at every opportunity and they just lap it up.

  12. My 23 year old team leader that I meet in the team as a youngster said thank you but I'm much happier to see the team win and honestly I almost cried because of how y'all warned me

  13. Talks by department are a nice second try if your teamwide didn't land. The "I have faith in you" style ones especially work all the time for me, and they're the only thing that gives me full green in pre-game because as you said all the teamwide stuff is meh.

  14. I like to go apeshit if we are down or drawing at half time to the full team. Then go to each position group individually and let them know I have faith in them.

  15. Ha! I just came off of about 5 or so games of playing Gianluigi Donnarumma after he wasn't pleased with the amount of playtime (him and Navas where pretty even) and this little shit has the fucking gall to go to the media demanding more play time!

  16. exactly, talking negative about them to the media never works. I yell at them in private but am loyal to them in front of the media

  17. I look forward to the halftime talk when I'm down, just so I can lay into the useless fucks. It's kind of cathartic.

  18. It's not even the rude ones I'm afraid of. 21 year old academy product who I've nurtured into a first team prospect getting called up to the national side, I congratulate their first cap and get met with "I don't care what you think" wow, thanks.

  19. In my first Benfica loss over halfway through the season, slagged them off at half time, slagged them off at full time, slagged them off in the press conference afterwards

  20. I play FM2017. The other day my struggling Macclesfield Town team were playing ok, but losing 1-0 at half time against the top team in the league. I calmly said "Despite the scoreline, you're playing well out there. Keep it up.", and every single one of my players moods changed to "Switched off and looks confused".

  21. If my team loses in a game that we're expected to lose or it was a close game then I tell then to pick themselves up and get going. If its a game we should never be losing or they've collapsed halfway through the 2nd half and conceding for fun then I have nothing holding me back. Full hairdryer treatment and they will be expected in for training the next day on how to score goals. For some reason the media like to talk about the other players so I go off the wall at the reporters as well

  22. I still want a option to throw a chair across the room. When losing a game you should have won or even losing by a huge number. To really get the point across.

  23. Serious question: what's the benefit of being aggressive to the team? I find myself doing "Win one for the Gipper" speeches all the time since it seems to work. Still a new player.

  24. In FM I sometimes even choose an aggressive option in the pre match to remind them what’s expected of them. It doesn’t lead to green response as much as “I have faith”, but I use this sometimes.

  25. I’m all about handing out an aggressive bollocking and then changing the training schedule for a post game review and endurance training.

  26. We don't have our characters do violent activities. We have our avatars instruct their minions to manhandle, harrass, and kick others. Then afterwards rudely criticize the poor fellow who's tasked to stop the violence.

  27. Just an FYI. Players dig tough love. We could be winning 2 - 0 against a team facing relegation and I'll tell them that their performance was disappointing and they'll get fired up!

  28. That's absolutely me. Picked up FM 2020 yesterday after years of not playing FM, today a starter gets mad because I subbed him off at halftime in a friendly and at fulltime I go "I just subbed him off to relieve you off some fatigue, you always do a great job".

  29. Fuck that when my United loses to bloody West Brom, losing us the chance to 4 points clear they’re getting [Aggressive] “I’m far from pleased”.

  30. Nah. If there was an option to call my team lazy pieces of shit after a match where they conceded 3 I would spam the hell out of it.

  31. After I've watched Amazon Spurs docuseries it got me thinking that we should have real life motivational talks in FM like telling my defender that he's likely to fuck me over by conceding stupid penalty or telling my other player that he's fuckin lazy guy

  32. Me not wanting to sell a player because I’ve grown an emotional attachment and would be sad to see them go

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