Is this George Pickens autograph real? This auto looks nothing like his others IMO

  1. That is definitely one of Isaiah Spiller's autographs. I'd send it to Panini and try to get it fixed. back of the card technically is right, the autograph is real, just not the right auto for the right card.

  2. If that’s indeed Isaiah Spiller’s autograph, that’s pathetic… on Panini’s part and also Isaiah for how lazy that is… yikes

  3. This is a perfect example of why I hate sticker autos. No player in their right mind would ever auto a card that wasn’t theirs or related to them specifically. Gotta love that quality control!

  4. I would keep it as a cool error card. Could be worth sometime later because of it. Or if not, its still something no one else has. Get it graded. Lol

  5. It's worth inquiring about. Reach out to them and ask what possible grading protocol could be of any for this situation! Research all avenues before selling it. You very well may have a one of a kind especially since only 50 of those cards exists. Who has the Spiller counter error card. Or maybe there is one less auto out there. That gotta increase value I would assume. But what do I know. There are cards worth a lot I would think are book marks and some that look like they should have high value in reality worth less than cardboard It's printed on.

  6. Ive thought this before. Why don't we make our own cards in America? Instead of letting Panini rule the space when they are Terrible at making cards and CS is unheard of!!

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