Recently got back into football cards, have I pulled anything nice?

  1. Apparently it is a SSP? That is what I’m being shown when I searched this card a few minutes ago. I have no idea the difference honestly

  2. Parsons is a rare case, where a young D player is so talented that his card(s) demand money… but they typically peak at that point… unless he makes the HOF, and the couple months surrounding his HOF speech., the cards will increase.

  3. Rip and open packs because it makes you happy. Not what others think is nice. If you’re happy you did good.

  4. I ask because at my local card shop, I was going to buy something called “sage” and the owner pretty much said “don’t buy em, nobody wants them” and was selling them 4$ a pack which was cheaper than what they were selling for so I thought it was a “steal” until he said that

  5. Parsons auto could sell for a decent bit if graded 9 or 10. Those T-Laws are nice too, would definitely hold those down

  6. Indeed you did. The Micah is a SP I believe and he’s an absolute stud young player. The Lance Prizm is very nice as well. Mecklenburg is a HOFer. Zach Wilson may have value, it’s just unfortunate he got hurt. Definitely have some good stuff here!

  7. Micah Parsons is your best card. Get PSA 10s on your Trevor and Chase cards and it will add like $30 to the worth

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