A heavy patrol

  1. I mean, the NCR extensively used trucks during The Fall, so why wouldnt they use tanks now, when the Mojave is even more dangerous? As far as I remember, Fallout Wiki said that NCR has a bunch of tanks, and the cannibals dont really have any means to fight them

  2. The fuel usage alone lol, a modern US tank uses something like 10 gallons on startup & gets less than 1 mile per gallon. If you don’t have a fuel refinery you are screwed, let alone the insane maintenance & logistics nightmare for even basic things like having to replace a track in the field.

  3. The Boomers could fuel a goddamn B-29 in vanilla game, which means they could produce fuel at Nellis. The NCR now controls Nellis, which means they have access to Boomers' production facility

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