Killing Momma Murphy

  1. At first I thought this was some obscure dialogue with Shaun, then I remembered that people have children in real life, too.

  2. I couldn’t think of user name so I used the work WiFi password, lame I know but I do work at a chemical manufacturing company

  3. Very courageous of you, eating Mama Murphy, there's not enough caps in the Commonwealth for me to want to attempt that. Wait, we're talking about different things, aren't we? Oops! 😬

  4. Y'know, I may be the General of the Minutemen, a Heavy for the Railroad, Destroyer of the Institute, Overboss, and the Mechanist reborn, but that is just completely immoral.

  5. I've played FO4 close to 10000 hours. But this current play through is the first with low charisma, and I've ditched the Modern Weapons mod in favor of in-game resources. Now Sanctuary is not very nice to me. Preston ignores me, which is just fine by me, and Sturges just yells at me 'you willing to do some work, OR WHAT?" He never asked me to build Mama Murphy's chair, so she just walks around in her stupor. I got so tired of her offering me the sight, I made her stop chems altogether. Now she follows me around whining about being clean, to make me happy. I'm ready to shoot her, but eating her would be more fun.

  6. i always felt the MM was undeniably and ridiculously weak and limited in the vanilla even with level above 200. which is exactly why I downloaded mods to make them more powerful and plenty as i progress.

  7. She asks for jet, then her special chair. Leave and go elsewhere and then go back. She’ll ask for another chem. Wait through her while dialogue before you leave. You need to hear her say about not feeling good from the chems. Do this 3 more times and she dies

  8. I moved her body right after she died and the MM at the settlement followed me(her dead body) until I got just past the edge of the little river going to Red Rocket. I'm wondering now if I used one of those large cannon things and shot her body across the settlement if they'd follow it that way or not

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