Which one of the 4 dlcs is the best?

  1. At the start of every run I collect toasters. I once amassed 30 toasters before stepping into The Lucky 38. No regrets, no actual Toast, but a spirited space toaster of satanic saturnite rage who really butters my loaf every time. I keep them in the bathtubs, for aesthetic. Can't fit more than like 18 in a tub without proper spacial reasoning. And I will never stop. Gets iffy with a good karma build in jsawyer tho. 50125% worth.

  2. For me it’s Old world blues and Dead money are tied for first, then lonesome in second and honest hearts in third. I like the challenged dead money and the payout, and old world blues is fun and funny. Lonesome road is fun but I hate how linear it is, and honest hearts is too short to be really fun

  3. That's so nice man! Really thank you for this incredible insight!! What I really liked about old world blues (only dlc I played, I'm still in my 1st playthrough😆) are the characters. Oh man I loved the think tank and the sink characters, oh and not to mention your brain when it was an individual, really loved the humor.

  4. It's all subjective but I just ran through all the dlc's. My 2 favorites are Dead Money and Old World Blues. Though they are all great and worth getting.

  5. I still don't know why some like old world blues😂 But that's a really good opinion. I might start with Dead Money soon

  6. Lonesome road because it finishes the Courier's story its kinda like what the elite four is to Pokemon.

  7. Brooo I really really loved the way you prefecrly planned this comment, like I loved how you spoke about all these dlcs in a very professional manner! Really gotta learn from you how to write an essay lmaoooo

  8. That’s just because you had a high rep with the strip and low rep with the NCR and the legion. If you have a high rep with the others, you get different dialogue based off you siding with that faction. Hell there’s even dialogue for the independent of you have low or neutral rep with all three. Yeah, it sucks that the game assumes if the strip likes you, you’re siding with House, but that’s life.

  9. That’s just because you had a high rep with the strip and low rep with the NCR and the legion. If you have a high rep with the others, you get different dialogue based off you siding with that faction. Hell there’s even dialogue for the independent of you have low or neutral rep with all three. Yeah, it sucks that the game assumes if the strip likes you, you’re siding with House, but that’s life.

  10. They’re all pretty good, my enjoyment changes based on what kind of character I’m playing tho, OWB was a nightmare as a pacifist character with 0 companions and roboscorpions everywhere

  11. Ohh yeaaah I hated it soo much I just finished it today, it was one of the main reasons why I didnt play the game for a while

  12. Lonesome Road and Old World Blues are my personal favorites, but all of them are worth getting. You can get the best light armor in the game from Honest Hearts.

  13. Lonesome Road, I really like the feel of how Patriotic the setting is. The armor sets you get out of it are really cool. The map is really interesting, makes you want to explore every part of it. Except the trailer on the bridge scary scary trailer. Lol

  14. Storywise, Lonesome Road is my favorite. I mean, the “this place wasn’t always this way. It’s YOUR fault, Courier” feel just speaks to me. In terms of gameplay, Old World Blues is my favorite. Just the think tank and sink aps are good (except the light switches , I never use them) In terms of pain, none compare my first playthrough of to Dead money. That probably took years off my life between the beeping, the cloud, and the ending I got (I had to kill Dean and got trapped in the vault). In terms of xp farming, none compare to honest hearts. I gained 5 levels from it at level 26 to 31. Lonesome Road has my favorite loot. (Courier duster)

  15. They are entirely different: HH—more or less a continuation of the main game and play style. Mildly engaging. Visually beautiful. DM—survival horror. Challenging, good set piece story. Immersive world. OWB—campy comedy sci-fi. Fun and funny. LR—FPS, weapon-dependent, pretty much abandons RPG elements of base game.

  16. I suppose you took someone's downvote for dodging the question slightly, but to be honest, I feel the same way you do - each is good in its own way.

  17. I’ve played all of the tens of times so my opinion might be warped at this point. But to be honest the one I thought was the most mediocre is now my favorite. Honest Hearts. The other ones get very repetitive.

  18. Dead Money overall for me. Great story and characters, setting too. Honest Hearts is a close second because it has, in my opinion, a wonderful dilemma in an exotic landscape and Joshua Graham may be the best character in the game, with a fantastic voice actor. I never skip his lines on replays. The pre-war story you uncover from terminals is, somehow, even better than the pre-war story behind the Sierra Madre in Dead Money.

  19. To play, OWB. Writing wise, DM. quality wise, HH. But lonesome road is still the best because it's just a great package. In a vacuum it is inferior to the other DLCs in most ways, but it's just so special to play through especially the first time. The extremely serious tone makes for playthroughs that keep you In your toes at all times. It's like a long version of a bonus end credits level in a game like COD. Insanely fun to challenge yourself with.

  20. Old world blues for sure ! It packs a punch and it has a very nice storyline all the way through, then dead money , then the josha gram one then lonesome road! Man i miss that game very awesome vibes

  21. Dead Money for me. The story, atmosphere, the environment, and the companions are all the best. I also like the challenge and how it was different from base game new vegas with the clouds, speakers, holograms, and ghost people. It felt like a truly unique dlc.

  22. Old world blues for me, it’s just so whacky and has so many jokes and quotes overall, plus Elijah’s LAER with all the mods? Once you have that you’re pretty much set for end game haha. Also Christine’s Scout Sniper is amazing if you’re doing a stealth and crit build! Lonesome Road was nice as well because of Ralphi, the guns were nice, the lore was cool but Jesus it upset me sometime with how often you were forced into dialogue with the main guy.

  23. Dead Money was my favorite because of the plot, lore, atmosphere. Like it was super immersive I was tense most of the time playing it lol. Old World Blue is my second favorite because it’s so damn funny

  24. Honest Hearts for the location, Joshua Graham, and Randal Clark. Also the new dlc weapon rewards are amazing!

  25. I know HH isn't a lot of people's favourite, but I loved the aesthetic and lore of it even if it was a bit rushed and cut short.

  26. I think dead money is the best but OWB is the most fun. Honest hearts is alright think the main story is a little rushed but great background story telling like the survivor and his kids. And lonesome road I just hate typically save it till the very end just to give me some hardcore endgame fighting

  27. For me personally, its Dead Money, for a simple reson of nostalgia of hearing "Begin again" and remembering all the great memories of the cloud covered city

  28. Dead Money and Old World Blues. I love the cool techy theme of the Big Empty and how funny the tech applications were but i also love the scary theme of the casino.

  29. Unarguably its Lonesome Road. It has no glaring issues, it’s themes are poignant, there’s ton of depth in the gameplay and the devs pushed the limits of the fnv experience. The writing is ridiculously good, I encourage everyone to look past the “bear and bull” memes and really engage with the poetry Ulysses has to offer.

  30. Put it this way Would you rather meet zombie frank sinatra and rob a casino that is 200 years old Nuke your least favorite faction and turn a laser pointer that blows stuff up into a thermonuclear bomb shooting machine gun Go to the Grand Canyon and lead tribes people to their deaths over the course of like a day or two In game Or would you rather explore a vast facility the size of a city that has all the gizmos and gadgets anyone could ever want or need, as well as the best house in the game, a teleport gun, a free doctor, simulations, invisibility suits that talk and heal you, and the ability to fucking slow down time while silence people call your fingers fully errect penises for 10 minutes straight

  31. My personal favorite has always been Dead Money though it's extremely different from anything else in the game so it's not everyone's cup of tea haha

  32. I'm torn between Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road. Honest Hearts does lack flavoring but it does have pretty decent rewards. Lonesome Road is great for the challenge and, ofc, loot.

  33. Look, this isn’t Fallout 4 or 3. If you want me to be honest you have to get all the DLCs they’re all great. They have the best story in the game in my opinion. That fact that they’re all connected and they’re all so different makes me go back to the game just to play the DLCs story.

  34. My votes for Dead money. Everyone's always ragging on it for it's difficulty. I think that nothing is more interesting than having your character stripped down. Like its the ultimate test to see just how much gusto your build has. Also if you know how to juke the system (not the gold exploit) the DLC is peasey and quite fun.

  35. Imo? Old World Blues. Add-on is so fantastic with how comedic it is also lore of other DLC’s tying into it + all the different AI that you get, with The Sink.

  36. All of then were good imo even Honest Heart even tho I know plenty of peoples thinks less of it (just seeing real tribal civilization and joshua was cool enough) But of course it depends on what you like best about fnv If you like humour and crazy stuff OWB is the bes

  37. My favorite is Dead Money. It's got a great story, even better character lineup, and a dark and gritty feel to it the entire way through.

  38. Sierra madre is only good cause of the end potential bank, lonesome road is phenomenal for add ons to the story encompassing all the dlcs and main game old world blues best for dialogue

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