A 2:32,65 around the carting track next to the runway at GCLB in the Cessna 172. Any challengers?

  1. I remember FSX having various cars, motorcycles, hovercraft and the like. While so far many of the car mods have been quite janky, considering the quality of the visuals in MSFS with photogammetry I'm super stoked to see what people eventually come up with.

  2. I would be very impressed if anyone was able to complete a circuit without crashing and blowing up in the SR71. Not the first choice for getting around tight corners!

  3. This is great - but did you remember to adjust your ailerons appropriately to the wind? 10 second penalty if not.

  4. Ha! I did a lap around the test gear track in an A5. I need to go back in a Cessna and see if I can beat it

  5. Should have mapped right and left brake to different buttons. Would help you get that rotation on the hair pins so you can hit that apex and get back into the power earlier.

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