It ain't perfect but I got Circus Baby's plates all moving again

  1. All I’m saying is you’re technically a better technician than afton because you managed to compact the design more

  2. Wow that looks so good. It’s funny to see people building like Fnaf characters it’s so amazing nice job. Also nice Fnaf sb masks in the back lol nice. Anyways I love this and also have a good day

  3. what degree in college do you have to have to do this? just asking so when I do go I will go into that I am interested in animatronics since a kid and would love to work with them

  4. man dude you should make a tutorial on YouTube :D I looked at your other things and It looks like your really smart even if you just reverse engineered stuff that takes a lot of smarts that I dont have if anyone it should be you opening a real fnaf restaurant

  5. Time to make it out of steel and with much stronger springs/gears (in the next iteration) , giving it more physical strength surely would be a good idea. lol

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