I need to vent about my frustrations about where this series is going.

  1. I also hate that they made Afton a generic mad scientist who wants to be immortal. It was much better when he was just a plain serial killer.

  2. Agreed. He was much scarier/villainous to me as an evil person killing just because he wants to do it. Giving him any real motivation to kill oddly makes him seem less horrific

  3. He’s already immortal he’s just trying to escape the mess he put himself in. We see him trying to control Freddy at the end because he wants to escape the blob

  4. I have nothing against a franchise going in new directions, as long as said directions make sense and are entertaining or enjoyable.

  5. Security Breach didn't forget about Glitchtrap, he's still there. That form of him is still in Princess Quest and his outline is seen drawn on the wall, not to mention he's the same entity as Burntrap. He's underutilized but he wasn't forgotten.

  6. Am I the only one who hates the fact that the books exist? Like I’m all for being able to express your creativity in new ways but what is it with indie horror and crappy book series?

  7. mfw Vanny had 2 years of buildup but was sidelined as an easter egg character at most with her 2 seconds of screentime

  8. I mean as long as we get a decent DLC for SB and more killer soundtrack I’m all in for a ride in the bandwagon. Yeah, sure, the good old games were awesome, went balls out with lore and mechanics and we got the conclusion we needed to settle our brains down about the lore in FFPS. But times change and so do games. So unless someone manages to loop us back to 2014 we are all in for this ride. As long as it’s fun and engaging, I don’t really care where it leads or where it ends.

  9. My only problems with Security Breach are that it's too vague about important things like who Vanny is and that they gave Afton a physical body again (and that it's just another Springtrap)

  10. i have to agree i really wish sb wasnt so kid friendly, it kind of completely changed the vibe of fnaf and feels so disconnected from the series. it makes up for it by having sundrop and djmm

  11. Absolutely agree. FFPS is my favorite game in the series, because it does what it’s supposed to really well, and had a truly dark atmosphere. I think security breach is fun, but I think it should of been unrelated. Matpat actually posed the best idea for vanny in SB, which was to be a copycat killer. Someone who idolized afton for whatever reason. Trying to connect these new generation games just doesn’t work lore-wise.

  12. Pizza sims ending isn’t nearly as brilliant as people like to say it is, it’s well presented but it doesn’t really change that basically no character interacts with eachover meaningfully beyond the final speech, William isn’t really a presence in the game and Henry is a pretty sudden addition to end it

  13. You do realize that SB isn't the game that brought back Afton, right? HW is the game to bring him back. He was never a A.I clone or whatever, he was always THE William Afton, whom is now a virus.

  14. Kind of true in my opinion. I feel like Help Wanted and Security Breach should just be uncanon additions to the series, cause FFPS should've been the end.

  15. I have the same feeling too, FFPS ending is way to perfect for the ending of the game. It kinda makes me feel better to imagine that Help Wanted and Security Breach are just an alternate universe stories but the damage is still done.

  16. I feel fine with Help wanted and glitchtrap because he isn't afton anymore he just corrupted code with william afton memories or whatever. Im also fine with vanny because I think it would be cool to have a new villiam that yeah is technically afton but still she was hyped up to be such a cool character, but then SB comes along and she is only seem for like two minutes and doesn't have her knife as she was teased to have. Now on to my rant about the burnt chicken nugget, He just doesn't make sense. Burntrap somehow has a corpse back even though he was reduced to nothing but skeleton in pizza sim. He is definitely my least favorite afton and shouldn't exist. But I also dont have a huge problem with the blob either, Tbh i think he is pretty cool. Ok im done with my rant

  17. wasn't there like a thing that in ucn william escapes hell and turns into glitchtrap to hypnotise vanny and make her revive him as burntrap?

  18. Since when has there ever been a game that was bright and colorful in release, with only a few dark moments and undertones, that was promised to be more but was a glitchy unfinished poorly looking game (relative to what we hoped) with weird nebulous lore implications and connections to the series that only got stabilized after months of reworks and content updates, that EVERYONE used as the laughing stock to point out that the series was dead/ going in the wrong direction.

  19. Agreed. Burntrap is the third thing in this franchise which I wish to not exist (the other two being FNaF AR and in the flesh). The "I always come back" line from afton feels more like an excuse to bring him back to make more games now. Vanny in the first trailer for sb compared to the game is literally a joke. Vanny in the first trailer sounded genuinely manipulative and terrifying and what did we get in the game? a white rabbit who skips around like an idiot at a snail's pace. Not only that but a lot of things in the game feel completely random and unrelated to the franchise in anyway at all. For example, the random withered staff bot in front of the fnaf 6 location, the nightmare staff bots, the music man toy in the vents and more that I can't think of right now. Like how could a game that looked so promising in 2019 fall so badly? Some segments in the game are done very well like the daycare, fazcade, princess quest and all that but the majority of the game is just random bs put together to look like something which is supposed to resemble a horror game. Despite all of this I'm trying my best to give the "RUIN" dlc a fair chance of impressing me and my god I hope it does because at this point I'm dangerously close to just quitting this franchise lol

  20. I agree on the Afton returning. The whole point of FNAF 6 was kill him once and for all, and Ultimate Custom Night was to serve as his eternal hell. Him coming back yet again just throws that all out the window.

  21. Now you'll act like only 1-6 happened? So no more long winded posts about a video game you didn't happen to like?

  22. You want my advice? If you’re so frustrated with the franchise, why don’t you just quit? Leave and never come back. Find something else to obsess over.

  23. Really at this point I feel like this sub just wants something to argue about. I don’t want to make people feel bad for having an opinion or anything, but this post is factually incorrect on a number of levels, and the OP is refusing to cooperate. Even if 6’s ending was perfect, it’s been nearly a year since the game released.

  24. My major worry is that the series might start relying more on those goosebump ripoff books. I mean there is a reason why I stopped reading after Gumdrop Angel. I hate how more safe SB. I mean I do still enjoy the game but I hate how clean it is compared to the other games. Judging from the first 2 trailers the story seemed to be darker at one point but then Steel Wool decided to change stuff and do cuts during the summer. Which is just sad.

  25. Oh my I completely agree. I could've maybe dealt with the story of Help Wanted- but it honestly would've been a better game without the shitty "im stuck in a video game help" story line that was added onto a game franchise that was supposedly finished. Security breach completely ruined everything, and overall it was a shit game. I have two things I would have done with: Replace the characters with the Mediocre Melodies and make it less kid friendly, scary, and remove the Afton storyline- just make it a game about why the MM were bad and how they went wrong (Hency why they were in UCN)- that would have been 1000% better. The other thing i would have done with it during development would have been to just stop it lol

  26. FNaF 3 would’ve been a perfect place to stop as well (almost certain it was supposed to be). Obviously a lot of pros and cons but FNaF’s reputation in the grander scheme of the gaming community as a whole would be more genuine and less meme based than it is today.

  27. I totally bet you that this is what people said back in 2016 (I was too young for Reddit) when sister location was released and fnaf 4 wasn't the finale

  28. I share alot of the same opinions but was surprised to hear you give no grievances about the Science fiction kids horror route it's taking. It's like if the conjuring studio made a movie about the same demon in the conjuring but in a way watered down Stranger things sort of way.

  29. The kid friendly thing and William's return are what makes me angry about what's happening in the series. FFPS was the perfect ending and UCN the perfect epilogue. Help wanted is a really good game (if played in VR) and the concept is great,. Security breach Gameplay wise is fun, but the story just ruined everything about what happened in FFPS as you already said. And before you ask, i know that Afton already returned in Help Wanted, but glitchtrap felt in some way much more different from springtrap. The series being kid friendly is also a change that i don't really like, i mean, i confess that i played the first fnaf when i was very young but that game felt much more dark than SB. I'm following the new arc of the series more for getting new information about the old story than for actually following what's new. About the books, i actually really like them to this day, i didn't like some story of the fazbear's frights but there are 36 stories, it's obvious that some stories aren't good as others. Now with Scott out of the way i'm wondering where this series is going to get.

  30. I completely agree, any sort of closure FFPS tried to give was completely ruined by the games that came after it. either the games should've done some sort of reboot to give the franchise another shot, this time with the ability to write the story beforehand instead of making it up along the way, or they should have set up a completely new plot. also, glitchtrap shouldn't have literally been Afton's entire soul, it should've just been some vague essence of him. it would have worked well as a message that while you can kill one murderer, evil people will continue to exist and bring the same pain somewhere else.

  31. I have the same mindset. Fnaf cannon ends with FFPS and UCN as an epilogue, with Afton suffering in hell or whatever world Golden Freddy/Cassidy has trapped him in.

  32. Mega based. That’s all I have to say. FNaF 6 should have been the end and I can go without Help Wanted as I didn’t really have interest in that game in its first year or two

  33. I completely agree in every way also the gameplay is bad in flat help wanted and sb only vr gameplay is good cause it’s vr

  34. I play flat mode HW. It’s only bad in Pizza Party, Vent Repair, and maybe FNaF3 if anything glitches out

  35. I think the main problem with sb is all the cuts that were made and like you said making it child friendly, i say if they didn't do that and kept the stuff we saw in early trailers then it would actual be good, if not great.

  36. That’s a long post to really just say you don’t like SB. I disagree and think SB is the best FNAF game for one reason- it’s just way more fun to play.

  37. THANK YOU YOU'RE SO CORRECT Security Breach could have been wonderful but they were too afraid of heading in a new direction with the series I had so many ideas and theories of how they were going to involve glitchtrap and they just Didn't And it was so disappointing

  38. I had nothing against help wanted and security breach, until afton came back. The fire at the end of ffps was meant to end it all, but this made both mikes and henrys sacrifices useless. They should have just left burntrap out abd created a new antagonist.

  39. It all made sense to me when I saw the neon 80s styled Pizzaplex, heard the intro song obviously inspired by Van Halen's Jump, and heard that the final monster thing was called the fucking blob. FNAF takes place mostly in the 80s, right? or at least its main story beats do.

  40. Be grateful for what you got and that it came to be in the first place. Anything else that happened later is inevitable sometimes because that's the nature of big franchises, and you can decide when to stop getting involved when it starts to go into a direction you don't vibe with anymore because otherwise you will only start to spout toxicity about it and generally be unhappy since you can't really do anything about it if you're not doing your own stories.

  41. I agree in every way! SB was so hilariously horrible from just it’s narrative perspective that no wonder it’s DLC has no price tag on it, (more obviously for gameplay reasons, but just roll with it mates.) and I also believe the events never happened, the series ended at Ffps, as it should, and UCN is just purgatory.

  42. Afton used Glamrock Bonnie's parts to put himself back together, I agree that he should've died and let Vanny take the spotlight, she had and still has potential, I think she'll have a bigger role in RUIN

  43. Yeah the pizzaplex was built over the FFPS location, and after Afton took over Vanessa, she kept Afton down in the low parts of the pizzaplex.

  44. honestly, I take UCN as the end of the series and I'm just viewing the ongoing chaos post-Security Breach through Markiplier and AstralSpiff

  45. Technically fnaf 4 should have been the end but Scott saw the reaction for that being the end and Decided to keep it going to entertain fans

  46. The only saving grace is that. Assuming the theory was like, every single spirits did move on. One except Micheal , what remains now is the agony left behind by the vengeful spirit.

  47. I'm ok with it personally, though I wonder if at some point, they'll eventually replace Afton with a new Antagonist?

  48. I'm gonna jump at MatPat's THEORY of "They're all Aftons". Security Breach does have a purpose in a way. It's the closure for the Afton kids, the souls in the Blob are getting a little bit more revenge on Afton.

  49. i wish Security Breach instead focused on Vanny carrying on William's legacy, maybe experimenting with remnant and such. William would finally be dead, the original story finished, but because of the stories and rumors a new antagonist would arise, that antagonist being Vanny, wanting to follow in his footsteps.

  50. I think the biggest thing I'll never forgive is how underutilized Vanny is in both the game and story. How can you build up Help Wanted's unbelievably interesting story, a story that brings afton back but in a way where he isn't a physical threat, and a way that gives another antagonist the spotlight, and then NOT HAVE ANY OF IT IN-GAME. I couldn't care less if the game played like shit, all I wanted was Vanny and yet she had less screentime than music man.

  51. It's not all ruined, and FFPS is not undone. Just because one character survived, doesn't mean it was all useless; though it is still a bit frustrating. Regardless, all the events and plot points of the first games ended with FFPS and UCN.

  52. To be honest i just think of SB and HW as extensions of the lore, they aren't necessarily canon, they just sorta take place in a sort of "What if?" universe. Though HW is still canon it just doesn't have maltrap.

  53. I like to believe that Security Breach occurs in a split from FFPS, with some minor changes. That way we get our ending and the series can go in another direction. Help Wanted also serves as a junction. Get Glitchtrap’d, Security Breach occurs because Vanny is now in the cards, don’t get Glitchtrap’d, FFPS

  54. I mean, I agree, but at the same time the explanation for why afton is still alive is because Cassidy is keeping him alive to keep him in torment.

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