If Mangle Was Actually Safe to Play With (check comment)

  1. She's almost entirely plush, with magnetic joints that communicate the movement commands through chords on the inside of each limb that they'll kind of plug to with the magnets. The teeth are also retractable, blunt and push down like a fake blade. The other artists offered a different design up at corporate that was much more spiky and reminiscent of how much danger you'd imagine a child would be in trying to play with the old version of Mangle, just more updated as far as Glam Rock style goes.

  2. Well, tbh, that does sound better. I can fix future iterations to turn the top of the pattern downward at least, but the speckles and extra connecting patterns helps with both appealing to the colorful aesthetic kids will like and helps the viewer tell the difference between the upper leg and the upper arm.

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