Remember when this was the most talked about thing in FNAF

  1. Remember when the only FNaF controversy was when PewDiePie wasn't scared by Nightmare Bonnie's jumpscare? I want to go back

  2. At this point scott needs to do what the comics do and just hit the reset button and start out with only fnaf 1. I love fnaf but my God is the entire thing a massive headache. it went from horror mystery to Sci fy fantasy. We really just let him lure us into the back room with haunted animatronics and then stab us with sentient self aware robots in security breach.

  3. I like that they’ve kept it going so long and wanted to open up the story to the minute detail as fans craved, but damn when “remnant” and especially “agony” entered the picture, Scott really jumped the shark.

  4. Actually only dc dose the whole reset thing on a regular basis and it just makes things more confusing and convoluted because now we don't know what is still canon and If are favorite storys matter anymore.

  5. You’re in luck, since I don’t wanna call him “crying child” every time, I just call him Chris as a placeholder until we know his name (we probably won’t)

  6. The good ol’ days when we thought Foxy was a good guy because he didn’t jumpscare you like others, phone guy was purple guy because in the minigame purple guy looked like he was holding a phone, chica had the phone guy in her and foxy did the bite of 87

  7. Yup. In fact it’s the first thing I look for on models of FNaF 1 Freddy. It’s the most recognisable thing about his original texture.

  8. Guys don’t you see freddy did the bite of 87 the hand print is from when the kid was trying to push freddy’s head away while he bit him

  9. Gotta love how people thought this was proof that Freddy did the BO87, when it's clear that those are his fingerprints from when he tries rips off his upper head in that one rare-screen.

  10. I love that Scott gave just enough details for the community to blow up and make awesome theories about the secrets of a game. The community made this game so deep and Scott kept making it deeper after hearing theories

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