Who was it for?

  1. Which was why Henry had designed the place with an escape route for the worker who had to bait and trigger the trap. However when it turned out to be Michael, he realized Michael may not want to use the escape route and just go to his rest with all the others.

  2. It wasn’t intended for us because the night guard already had a shit ton of money from his previous jobs so he wanted some other poor college kid to take the job

  3. I'm not sure luck was the reason, Michael went there with a purpose. Whatever called Scraptrap and the others there, maybe it called to him to.

  4. I think what Henry Emily meant was that the pizzeria was meant as a trap for his old business partner, William Afton/Scraptrap, as a means to put an end to the horrors Afton wrought in life and in un-death- and that he had no intention of getting the player caught up in the plot, however convenient it was that Afton's own son happened to be the one to lure the villain into the trap.

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