Security Breach Ruins; What’s one thing you Hope happens, and another thing you hope Doesn’t?

  1. If I have to choose one biggest hope, I want this DLC to do the main villains (Bill and Vanny) justice, because the main campaign screwed them over. If the DLC manages to somehow fix her and let his plans not be ruined so anticlimactically, it'll already be a great DLC.

  2. Yeah, not a big fan of that theory, we oddly enough have a handful of people become or always were robots already, and I agree with Vanny and PeePaw getting justice.

  3. I hope that Gregory sells Glamrock Freddy off of Craigslist, or that the Pizzeria is bulldozed to make room for a mass production factory to produce more stainless steel and fiberglass for future FNaF projects

  4. Helping the crew after messing them up badly would be nice, and, with the fact this DLC is happening and it’s free, I wanna bet that Steel Wool won’t let it come out a buggy wreck.

  5. (I know you said one thing but I wish for a lot of things so....) Things I hope for: The game focuses more on horror this time. Vanny and Afton become actual threats/ good villains We get answers as to who is Patient 46 And answers of some questions we got from SB. Things I don't want to happen is: The game being super buggy and GregBot.

  6. One realistic hope is that we get a better look at some elements that were a part of the base game. Tell us a little more about Gregory, show us more of Vanessa, give us an explanation as to what "I AM NOT ME" means, all that good stuff. Just make Security Breach feel like the full game Steel Wool wanted it to be.

  7. Yeah, if they add-in stuff that once could’ve been in the base game for this would be great, and some fanservice to answer old questions would be neat, could finally figure out what’s in that damn box-

  8. I hope the DLC isntcompletely broken, but also still have some funni and helpful speedrunning bugs (because then it wouldn't truly be fnaf sb dlc), but mostly that a lot of the unused content we saw gets to return in some way, especially survival mode, since that is probably the most interesting unused thing.

  9. I hope nothing for the DLC because I know what ever I say will be wrong. But I hope the FNaF community can get there act together

  10. I want to see Glamrock Bonnie, but since I HIGHLY Doubt that will happen, I'll say I want to see Golden Freddy's return in some way. And I don't want to have to deal with staff bots.

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