I don't think the FNaF community will ever be the same

  1. I just think FNAF is in a loop a good loop of new game theories etc for the fans this will be okay but for the theorists this will be a nightmare I'm just happy seeing FNAF a franchise that In the past i ignored thinking it was just boring games demonstrating that it could advance and still alive In the new generations

  2. I have to admit something these new theories just confuse me even more i don't understand nothing but nothing and that the people that only downvote the other for having a different opinion it's just annoying i know it could be a bad theory but everyone has his own opinion that's why I don't want make theories or publish some version of the story made by me if Scott was still here i think the fandom would be a more okay now

  3. Because there’s a lot of dumbasses who make up random shit to confuse people, the best thing to do is roast them for being a Twitter user, or by showing them how to go outside instead of spending their lives making up shit on Reddit.

  4. Honestly I've stopped with all the lore stuff, I watch matpats theories because I enjoy the videos. But I just don't care anymore, I enjoy the games and the books as they come out.. I was lucky enough to have little issues while playing security breach on release day to really enjoy the game, I hope the future games are more adventurous with gameplay like security breach

  5. Yeah, I'll watch matpat, but after the most recent game, I couldn't care less. Cawthon might not have been the best person, but he understood the game/lore. There's just too many people working on it now for it to stay consistent.

  6. I think it has always been the same. There was hella drama back then, there's drama now. I think a lot of people are older and that helps.

  7. I know there was drama back in the day but I don't think it happen as often cause now there's drama every other month over something big or something pretty small I also love theorising the books not as much but they're nice I do think the community is fine but I'm just saying I don't think it'll feel the same

  8. Honestly, people grow up, I'm sure some of the people in the FNaF community have too, plus the games only became like that due to a certain group of people (no hate to them, they are trying their best) and FNaF will continue to grow. If the games were left, the community would slowly die away and FNaF would likely be forgotten

  9. Tbh, a rebellion against Matpat’s hold on the community would only really work on Reddit. On other sites it’ll probably be seen as “stupid FNaF fans not knowing what theories mean” like what happened on twitter when fans there critiqued him which only stopped as the FNaF twt community started losing its shit over some gatekeeping twitter post about the lore

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