How we’re making Firefox accessible and delightful for everyone

  1. I gotta say, some of the comments on this thread are appalling. The blog post is discussing making Firefox accessible to people with disabilities, many of whom cannot even see, and yet some of you have the nerve to bitch and moan about spacing in the UI. Gain some perspective FFS.

  2. I hope this become a more commonplace feature. Daily, I rely on Microsoft OneNote's ability to search text in images. I can also right click on it and copy all of the text from the image. I really want to see this feature show up in web browsers and for it to be standardized.

  3. Yes it's repulsive clickbaity over-the-top marketing department bullshit, but that's only the headline. The article itself isn't so bad, and of course the work it describes is commendable.

  4. Nice blog post and a very commendable initiative. It's nice to know steps are taken to make Firefox more inclusive. 👍

  5. Delightful - That is a very bold claim there, I am not speaking for everyone but, hey, please, bring back normal tabs and I might love Firefox again, those giant slabs just take too much space, so clunky and massive.

  6. I look forward to the day that FireFox becomes usable for desktop users with touchscreens - actually, when any browser becomes usable for desktop users with touchscreens. I am wise enough to have given up any hope at all that programming teams will ever give users any significant control at all to customize the interfaces they use every day. The idea that any interface that is the same for everyone and cannot be shaped by a user to their own satisfaction is completely opposed to the idea that an interface can be delightful for everyone. The only application that will ever even have a chance of being delightful to use is an application which allows (or even requires) the user to craft the interface to their liking.

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