Feel that I have no way out and trapped at home.

  1. Military? Job Corp? I would search something out that includes living amenities. And pretend you live in a shelter/hostel and never leave your money unattended. It should be on your person at all times. Sleep with your credit card in your underwear if you have to.

  2. Most people who I know who come from this kind of life that succeeded in changing the course of their life did a stint in the military. If you take full advantage of the education they provide as well as job placement opportunities, etc (which needs to be pursued individually, they don't do it for you), your starting point is much better than coming from a neglectful or abusive family, even if the military is known for being a neglectful/abusive employer in the public conscience.

  3. Join the military for 3-4 years. Stay if you like it but otherwise get out and go to college for free. And you will be paid a housing allowance on top of free tuition so you will able to get by almost anywhere in school with only a part time job (if that)

  4. I am going to recommend you do something a bit crazy, but as you have family who steal your card no matter where you hide it, hear me out.

  5. Probably would apply to a 4 year public university in nursing, CS, or something else with a more or less guaranteed job on completion. Federal government will finance everything.

  6. Here I am recommending mushrooms twice in one day on the same sub. I would procure enough magic mushrooms for the whole family to have a solid amount each (like 3 or 4 grams). Have everyone eat their mushrooms after explaining what is likely to happen and how they can help. Following their trips, there is a solid chance one or all of them will be cured of their respective addictions. Make sure you check in to make sure they are on board. Eating mushrooms and not knowing it would be do disastrous.

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