Are there any high paying jobs that can really work for people who have depression and anxiety?

  1. I work in data entry and 1) it can be done remotely 2) it doesn’t require a whole lot of contact with people. 3) You don’t really need much experience to do entry level. Good luck!

  2. any advice on getting into data entry? I just finished a degree in Statistics, but no work experience because COVID. Been applying like crazy for stats jobs but no luck and it feels like it’s because of lack of experience.

  3. I highly recommend computer science or data science if you can get your mental health to a point where you can get through school. I'm chronically ill & there's enough leeway in my day to day for me to have big crashes and then pick myself back up and finish the work before a deadline.

  4. As someone with depression and anxiety who is extroverted I don’t recommend this. If you’re introverted it works but you end up sitting alone in front of a computer quite a bit.

  5. Similar boat as OP mentally. have a degree in Statistics, but no work experience whatsoever as COVID screwed up internship plans. Any advice on actually getting into data science work? I’ve been applying like crazy but with little luck.

  6. Don't let it limit you op. I still struggle with both but the more I progress in my career, the easier it gets. I work in finance and have noticed that other people are pretty awkward as well.

  7. Following. Let’s throw some ADHD disorganization in there too! With cycling mostly seasonal depression and anxiety that comes from the isolation! Fun fun fun

  8. I wanted to get some advice because Im currently in community college. I'm doing my pre reqs for radiography program. I wanted to become x-ray tech or MRI tech however I keep doubting myself because I feel like I want a stable career with growth. I heard tech field is good because of the pay and opportunities but I just don't know where to learn all the information to get a better understanding.

  9. IT does in my opinion. It pays well, which allows me to have a lifestyle that I enjoy outside of work. I have ADD, depression, and anxiety.

  10. Everyone asks this (with good intentions I might add), but the fact is that there is no job that won't be affected by severe depression and anxiety. So, you might make better progress on a solution by focusing on solving the depression/anxiety rather than trying to find a job that somehow allows for this.

  11. Adding a number 6 backed by loads of science: open your curtains and make sure natural sunlight can physically touch your eyeballs in the morning when you're supposed to get up. Natural light from the sun rising can help recal9brate your circadian rhythm and can soothe a lot of nervous dysregulation that sits at the base of anxiety and depression.

  12. YOu should probably also add what you like to do or what you are like so we can recommend things.

  13. I’d have to know more about your situation, as anxiety and depression vary a lot. Depression is a tough one because it makes it incredibly hard to meet deadlines, which is a factor with many jobs.

  14. Op I am sorry you are going through that. Is there any way you can get treatment for your depression? Btw I found many successful people who were depressed or had anxiety at one point in their past.

  15. If your anxiety is such that you’re looking for a job with minimal social interaction, I’d consider going into healthcare: health information tech, medical records tech, insurance specialist, etc can sometimes be worked remotely… lab techs, medical lab techs, and medical lab scientists usually work by themselves (esp night shifts) or with very few people with limited patient interaction. Although sometimes you will need to communicate with doctors and nurses.

  16. Look into magic mushrooms to treat your depression and anxiety, then pick a career that is meaningful to you. Consider working with a career coach after integrating the magic mushroom experience. I’m dead serious btw.

  17. That is a good idea but do some research. Know what to do in case of a bad trip, potentially have a trusted person with you, and do not do it in a bad environment. Be careful!

  18. There are a number of famous and well-known people who have struggled with mental health disorders. The most obvious ones today are film and television stars. So many of them went through dark times, which they then channeled into their roles. Historically speaking, a number of people who would be considered geniuses, such as Albert Einstein, battled years of depression and other mental health disorders.

  19. Ever thought about starting your own company? It's hard work, but everything is staring out. When I couldn't find what I needed I built my own, and i sucked at it until i didn't. Learned a lot and it was worth the struggle. I'm an extrovert with friends, introverted with work. I have met introverts that started their own companies, kept the teams small and focused, worked on digital products and the like, or became CPAs and hired like one other person and only spoke to clients once a year. Maybe see if you can get an recommendation from you teachers. They may know some people that have started their own businesses that are introverted and could lend you advice.

  20. OP has anxiety and depression. The last thing a person that suffers from both is to start their own business which is stressful enough without any underlying conditions

  21. I think you need to be more specific about what your issues with depression and anxiety are. Social avoidance? Cry at work? Panic and can't do anything for 3 days? Poor sleep schedule so need to nap during the day?

  22. I’m not sure there’s a cut and dry answer for this. If you are from the US, it’s good to remember that there are accommodations you can request in the workplace. I have a corporate job (I don’t like it, but it doesn’t distress me in ways other jobs have) with accommodations. I work from home 100% of the time, while others are required to go into the office 2-3 times a week.

  23. While I admit that I am pretty high-functioning, I have had depression my entire adult life (and am an avowed introvert) and it's been a struggle. In terms of work I have found that if I enjoy what I do and I keep busy it helps my mental state significantly. For me, that happens to be tech, specifically I am now a data engineer but I spent many years doing analytics and development (my degree was business administration with a minor in IT. I eventually did get a master's in data science but that was just within the last year).

  24. I think it would help us to know exactly what limitations your symptoms present - do you struggle with working with people, paying attention, high pressure situations? I have both depression and anxiety but have not found either to limit my career options. I have a corporate job that involves working with people and leading teams that pays decently. Not saying this is the case for everyone, I am a high performing mentally ill person lol but you might have more success finding the answer to your question if you’re more specific on what you’re looking for.

  25. As someone with depression and anxiety, I was able to earn high money doing regulatory compliance for passenger cabin flammability on airplanes ("Flammability Engineer" jobs at Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream, etc).

  26. I’ve found Marketing to be a great career path after bouncing around a lot before getting into it. There’s something for everyone- creative, quantitative, and more entry-level lower skilled coordinator stuff, which can help you see what you like. Then you can specialize in what you like. Also it’s marketing, so even though there are deadlines and pressure like any job, the stakes are lower than say working in the medical profession.

  27. Open your own business if you have enough saved up in a few years….not these trendy bullshit business models it seems everyone jumps on the train with and flood the market……if you do decide to try that go in early and hard then get out when you can see the business model window lickers copying the trend. take your time, learn meditation 🧘, stoicism, and Buddhism, or similar practices they are valuable tools in the real life work environment. you’re young you have your whole life ahead of you. but get those creative juices flowing, run your ideas 💡 only by people you trust and keep the remarkable original stuff on something safe. I keep mine on paper in a accordion folders in my safe. Technology is not reliable enough and too easily hacked. Also…..get ip and copy right patents on your ideas way the fuck before you even consider actually putting anything into motion. I had a close friend (or whom I thought was) steal an idea from me and become a millionaire in 20 months but karma got him back. Currently working on my baby that’s been brewing in my head for years but there was no way to bring it into production without moving to Asia. (Which sounds nice in theory but their government is worse than ours.) and given the world’s current state and what the FR is doing I would say if you have an idea already in place the near future may be the best time to start (the market is crazy up and down rollercoaster 🎢 as I’m sure you’ve noticed.) ………..and go to therapy it helped me personally ALOT as cliche as it sounds but then again I went through 17 therapists before I found one actually at least at my intelligence level or higher. The rest just run the clock and bullshit and try to do soapbox speeches to fire 🔥 you up. I was like I have tony Horton for that thank you. Please excuse the off subject banter, I sincerely apologize about the incoherent response but I’m using text to talk while I’m at stop lights haha. Best of luck to you out there……and no matter what anyone tells you trust me don’t go to college unless or until you have a “bullet proof” degree plan. Colleges are just businesses too unfortunately. I have friends in their 40’s still paying off student loans still working their dead end jobs because they thought college was fun time party time 🥳 and it is but only after your positive you’re well prepared for tests and quizzes and know how to butter up the prof during “office hours”

  28. Also remember, most of the successful people in the world either never went to college or dropped out because they knew their path was going to have to be different. Don’t measure success in money 💵 but sustainability I’m much happier at my job now that pays half what my old one did. But the passion and drive I have for what I do and the incredible people I get to work with is what’s important to me, so figure out what’s really important to you. Also have an “office area” where you only work on this stuff for your business it helps create a tabla Rosa and “mindset” at least for me. Go to conventions, join clubs, it’s really more who you know than what you know I’m sure you’ve heard…..unfortunately that is often true. I have horrible anxiety….social, general, ocd, you name it. If you are so anxious you can’t go out and socialize like I was find a great psychiatrist online like I did. He changed my life with 2 medications as far as anxiety. I couldn’t even go outside unless it was work related or go golf with clients (which is an unspoken mandatory feel each other out test really) before my anxiety was so; bad which comes off as rude and inconsiderate to normal people who get to have normal brains……so it doesn’t matter if you try to explain it to them.

  29. Sorry last thing ……… one HUGE thing I do for my anxiety I learned is choosing NOT to listen to anyone if they’re saying or bringing negative energy to my time. People are just crickets 9 billion of us more or less…..always chirping and complaining about things. They want you to fail because they’re terrified you’ll succeed. I’m sure you’ve heard that quote, but it stands true. I choose my conversation topics ahead of time and practice them. Honestly I’ve learned much much much much more valuable information on Reddit and volunteering in other countries than anything ever came close in college. And it was a fancy pants Ivy League school. No I did not mesh well there but I made friends outside and inside the student body that I chose carefully and knew they wanted to improve me as I did them. Make friends of ALL AGES if you really want a great education. My best friends range from 28-76 years old on purpose. The free wisdom and insight and experience and knowledge Etc… you can grow exponentially from is the older age groups. My best friend Misty is going on 60. I’m 36. You would be surprised how little age means when you get into your late 20’s. Seriously good luck, I’m sorry I text talked so much while driving….I just don’t want you to go through the mess I did to find out it doesn’t matter how hard you work……if someone else is getting rich and fat off your hard labor and gives you zero credit but keep you on the “it’s coming your way gravy train talk just walk away and you’ll see how fast they change personalities. They know you’re a valuable piggy bank to them so know you’re self worth and your value across the board. Not just on paper but everything about you that applies and you can fudge. It’s okay to fudge….school is vastly different than real life haha. Everyone I’ve met that’s made it anywhere has fudged on their applications, their speeches, fuck the people that run our country dong even fudge just flat out lie to us. Sorry these billboards by my long commute home fire me up haha 😂. Seriously sorry about the unnecessary info and obvious info but you never know online what the person you’re speaking to has has access to up to a point.

  30. You don’t “have” depression, you are depressed or have a propensity to experience depression. There’s a difference where the former subconsciously leads you to say “well, I have it so there’s no sense in trying to get better”

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