Actor Tom Hardy was in a BJJ contest.

  1. I know this isn’t an unpopular opinion at all, but goddamn is Bane badass. Single-handedly made a c-tier movie unforgettable.

  2. “Yo, I’ll fight him” “all im saying is, is that if you need someone to help you. I’m happy to keep your boy warm for you”

  3. Every single day in the gym she will train with men. In competition there are mens divisions and womens divisions. For less official and smaller tournaments its entirely possible there will be mixed sex matches (theres no one else in x division, however the man and the woman both weigh 145. Fuck it)

  4. There is a 100% this man had Tom Hardy’s junk all across his mouth and forehead and shit.. could be worse I suppose

  5. I mean as a straight male if you're GOTTA have a man's junk in your face and mouth Tom Hardy is just about as good as it gets

  6. To see an actor, a celebrity, who usually is placed in a pedestal of grandeur, fighting exactly as I would do, kinda dopey, kinda struggling, but giving it a good go, is a curious experience. We usually see things like "johnny Depp is also a Olympic fencer, look how shit you are compared to him", but not in this case, he is just a blue belt, like so many out there... Wholesome

  7. Sure he's "just a blue belt" but he was technically sound, had good control throughout, didn't give space to be swept. Really good all round.

  8. We need to have the celebrity olympics, where we watch societys most glorified personas struggle at stupid shit like filing your own taxes or trying to find a remote in the couch. Something has to make these people relatable.

  9. Quite a few years ago, Travis Rice, a pro snowboarder, visited the BJJ gym I used to go to- in Hawai’i of all places. I used to be a competitive snowboarder myself, so it was fun to see him rolling with all these people (never got to spar with him though). It was all great right up until I got to talk to him; really hammered the ol’ “never meet your heroes” quote into my head. It was a pretty cool experience overall though.

  10. Grappling combat sports always look like this. Even in the fight for the gold medal at the Olympics. It's not that they're not good, it's just the way it's fought, it's a struggle.

  11. "Oooh, you think jiu-jitsu is your ally? You merely adopted jiu-jitsu. I was born in it molded by it. I didn't know how to stand until I was already a man and by then it was nothing to me but boring."

  12. Dude won the last competition he was in, and apparently a blue belt in BJJ. He was fucking ripped in Warrior too.

  13. Impressive getting out of that super tight closed guard and transitioning to side mount. Looks strong thought he was positioning for bat choke. He's the real deal not a fugazzi rest of Hollywood

  14. Apparently he’s been popping in unannounced and winning random local blue belt tourneys. Dude’s putting in the work.

  15. When he posted up and put his weight on the guy it forced that dude to really use his strength and he gassed. That allowed Hardy to manipulate the situation. I actually thought it was pretty impressive for a blue belt. Plus he’s clearly strong AF.

  16. As someone who knows nothing about this art, this looks very goofy to me. I'm sure in a real fight they can grapple the shit outta someone and bust an arm or something, but the "I ain't trying to kill you" version is kinda funny.

  17. bjj is one of the most realistic fighting martial arts there is. It isn't complete (sicne it has no striking) but there is a reason why every single mma fighter practices it and lots of top tier one have a black belt in it.

  18. You should give it a try. It’s extremely humbling when you show up and get your shit handled by like a 17 year old girl with a blue belt. Strength has its advantage but technique rules king. I personally dislike bjj with a gi cos I mostly did MMA and a lot of the Gi techniques had little value, but the Gi techniques have a lot of real world applications. It’ll do wonders for your confidence and fitness and it’s extremely fun.

  19. I’ll catch hell for saying this but both Tom and the person he’s fighting seem like very new blue belts.

  20. The thing that makes bjj looks lame as fuck is the fact that pulling guard, ie sitting down to work from the bottom position without forcefully doing a takedown on an opponent, is incentivized. This is due to a lack of a pinning rule, and consequently the barrier of athleticism and dynamism is much lower, while the need for endurance is higher. Compare sport bjj to its applications in mma, where the lines of grappling styles are much more blurred and aspects of bjj are much more dynamic.

  21. Gotta think of it as a sport, rather than a fight... Obviously if someone was a somewhat capable fighter and could punch you in the face, this sort of jiu jitsu wouldn't be much help. I say if they were a somewhat capable fighter, because most regular folks, when confronted by a jiu jitsu move, would be completely flabbergasted and wouldn't be able to react in kind, even to just punch at the guy's face.

  22. As in a real fight or even UFC, Tom would have been slinging punches into this guy all through this grapple. Watching this is boring af. I won’t lie.

  23. You kind of have to understand it to enjoy it. His opponent tapped out because he was about to get his elbow bent backwards.

  24. This was in my home town! He registered and showed up under his real name, not Tom Hardy, so nobody knew other than the academy for weeks.

  25. Are we sure this isn't underground gay porn with Tom hardy legit wrestling as entertainment in the middle?

  26. Idk if I’d call him a killer, this is pretty low level jiu jitsu lol good on him for getting out of that triangle and finding an arm tho!

  27. TIL BJJ can make 6 grown men in kimono look like they're having some weird kind of sexual intercourse even though they're fighting.

  28. great pressure. Has to be careful if people play deep half. He was a bit far past the hips and left room for someone to scoot under him and unbalance.

  29. Damn, the guy lost but he also won at the same time. Just how many people have been blessed to have their face in Tom Hardy's taint?

  30. I believe he had to pick it up for his role in warrior (btw great movie recommend) and probably just decided to continue doing it. He won this tournament btw

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