Guy who gets knocked out is known for being a massive asshole in the flag football community. Swift justice.

  1. A lot of guys trying to relive their HS glory days because they didn’t go as far as they thought. Most will blame the coaches in HS

  2. Most of us travel throughout the US and play in different tournaments. This was a regionals event this past weekend. The guy is a prick, i've played with and against him before.

  3. Look up VOLO Sports if you're anywhere near a major city because it probably does, along with every other sport and bar games leagues you can imagine.

  4. I always liked flag football the best. Beats getting tackled with no helmet or gear and having a mild dizzy concussion.

  5. There's a surprising amount of skill involved with juke moves on offense and avoiding tackles, and a sure tackling Linebacker on defense is one of the most valuable positions in the game

  6. As a kid, we played football across several front lawns, each of which had a concrete driveway. The rule was two hand touch below the waist on driveways and tackle on the grass. Lotta skin left on those driveways.

  7. I've never been concussed playing sports (just once when I tried to kick my friend in the ass on wet grass, slipped like a Looney Toon and landed on my head) but I broke my vertebrae boxing and playing football. This is all to say that yes, flag football beats permanent disfigurement.

  8. I love how this dude doesn’t break his backward stride after dropping Long hair. Even circles back into frame rippin a kind of jive shuffle moonwalk number that would have Chuck, Jacko, and Ali all smilin from aloft

  9. He was ready for anybody wanting retribution and he knew he had people coming for him to get him out of there. You hear his coach saying “he got what he fuckin wanted” that dude was asking for an ass whoopin

  10. Dude missed a perfect opportunity to flash the international, "Call me!" signal... For no other reason than to further emphasize that his victim may not know what planet he's on, "but we have people who can help you with that. "

  11. I used to watch this flag football league that played next to my skatepark and holy shit did some of those guys need this treatment

  12. Yeah there’s always 1-2 guys who aren’t just there to have fun and get in some cardio and act like asshats. Usually the same guy who every 10 minutes likes to tell people he was “recruited to play college ball” but didn’t go.

  13. If you're not in the NFL or making money off it, playing football as an adult gotta be one of the corniest things you can do, especially if you're getting worked up enough to fight people

  14. In these tournaments, you make money if you win. Not enough to make a living, but enough to make it worth it. Also, outside of this occasionally happening, it's a pretty tight knit community , and you make friends from all around the world not just the US.

  15. Lmao you calling people who actually play sports corny but you just sit around and TALK about sports. That’s a pathetic mentality dude. I’ve always thought sitting around talking about sports is the corniest thing but I know people have their likes/preferences so I don’t ever say shit but you dude? You’re pathetic for that. I don’t even play flag or watch sports but to sit on Reddit and talk shit about people doing something that requires physical activity is pathetic.

  16. Why is it corny? Playing rugby league or afl in Australia at an amateur level as an adult is pretty normal here. I thought shit was the same in the us with basketball and football?

  17. Man I can't stand the guys who try and make flag football full contact. Joined a team for fun freshman year of college with guys on my hall I was one of two to have played in high school the other one was a lineman. First game play a bunch of hardos in their high school cleats and wearing gloves and shit. Every play they're all Initiating heavy contact. Go be a practice squad guy for the d1aa team if that's what you want lol

  18. If you're getting into fights playing flag football you're a try hard and your life has clearly already peaked. That dudes a washed up loser angry at the world he couldn't go pro.

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