Amazing Footwork.....

  1. Legit some of those punches thrown by the tall dude look like punches you'd see in Punch out Wii

  2. I’m thinking this was two friends just slap boxing. I’ve done this before too.. you kinda just tap an hit but don’t injure. Dude with the hoodie smoked him though.

  3. Ya I though I was about to see some head on pavent. Good way to turn a simple fight into being crippled or brain damaged for life.

  4. Hoodie man was very careful with his slams like you knew wasn't trying to kill the guy by slamming him off the ground .Some other videos and people be like ye bitch let's see how your skull likes concrete

  5. Looking for this comment. The narrators of these videos are so often such awful, shrill people I'm surprised the fighters don't just join forces to kick'em around.

  6. The tall guy got a good stance but his punches are weaker than a nerf gun. They both weak tbh. Camera guy also weak, but good camera work.

  7. Guy in black has a good understanding of grappling and a good understanding of start lag and end lag. That last shoot looked pretty cool.

  8. Props to hoody guy for not driving the other guy down on his back/head. Watching these videos I’m always hoping that doesn’t happen.

  9. Honestly thankful that shirtless guy kept his head up. When people go for slams like that on pavement I always fear the worst.

  10. Definitely not amazing, he’s getting his head off the center line and weaving, but those wide ass throws lol, thank god the other guy was abysmal. Any other semi decent opponent would’ve done some serious damage just throwing straight down the middle when he was coming back from some of those head movements

  11. That dude has the footwork down, just needs to learn how to not punch like a dog being held over water

  12. Both guy didn't land a single punch everyone involved on this video should feel nothing but shame for the rest of year the guys fighting, camera man, the hype man in the back need to soak in there shame everyday for the rest of them year

  13. Everything about this fight is retarded, the fact that some people are throwing complements makes me think you should take a week of boxing or something just so you don't talk shit

  14. The footwork was impeccable because he refused to fuckig plat them at any point to throw a real punch! Thank god he was fighting Hendrik "The Dutchman" VonWhiffin because that motherfucker was GENETICALLY BUILT to love windmills.

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