I'll give you 20 gils if you guess correctly if this run was smooth or a nightmare

  1. Yeah, it's just a rewritten version of the Leylines one from TFDF, I think it's hilarious but I'd only ever use this with my static lol

  2. That makes this hilarious. 😂 The other day, a tank pulled trash mobs juuuuuust outside of my leylines range. I asked them to move a smidge closer to me, and they proceeded to sprint as far away as possible til they hit a dead end.

  3. If I had a group of friends on here I would absolutely use that every time. With that being said if it's not your static don't spam that shitits annoying.

  4. I'm wondering what program they used to fake the voice. Or else if they just had a friend (or themselves) who was that good at mimicking Kaiba.

  5. People with these macros are always button mashers too. So he probably clicked that 10x by accident at some point.

  6. Pretty sure the original one was old Berserk, which also demanded to be esuna'ed immedeately hence the sound effect spam.

  7. Encountered a BLM who used this macro earlier today. swiftest vote kick I've ever witnessed, bless the rest of the party

  8. The first time I got this macro in roulette (the OG leyline version), it was paired with a GNB who though it was funny to use the 'A TEST OF YOUR REFLEXES' macro (aka GNB Superbolide and buff canceled).

  9. I do have a Living Dead macro that says "Stand back! I am beginning to morb!" in chat, but I don't use it for endgame content because WHY

  10. My guess is it went smoothly. He clearly told you all he was terrible at tanking so that you could prepare yourselves accordingly. Am I right?

  11. As any real Tank in this game will tell you "Mitigation = less dmg to mobs" therefore it is absolutely crucial for Tanks to only use their Defesive cooldowns for Tankbusters. This is just as important as saving up on MP by using Cure 1 until u get a Free cure. /s

  12. You do even less damage if you're dead + mitigation means more damage for the healers + defensive spells are pretty often oGCD so can be activated during a combo (just avoid weaving though)

  13. I bet it went super smooth. After all, look how politely he/she explained his buff window! With such a nice person, there is no way the run would ever turn into a nightmare.

  14. The rest of ya'll in the comment section are too pure (or just really like preaching on your soapbox). This is a popular copypasta that's been re-created for many different skills.

  15. While it's probably a copy pasta I feel the need to say, as one who prefers GNB, if you cannot handle mitigation and movement during No Mercy you have work to do on playing GNB.

  16. "Ayo, I just noticed I forgot to water the pumpkins on my island. Have fun y'all." (Bails out and enjoys Island Paradise for the next 30 minutes).

  17. If you cant figure out how to weave in mitigation or move the boss during no mercy windows esp now that they have changed continuation to be a longer range... maybe you shouldnt be playing gnb.

  18. "To ensure you would survive your no-mitigation burst window, I had to stop doing DPS and instead heal spam you. I hope those 20% make up for my 100%."

  19. I know it's a meme macro, but that's kick territory there. I'll take the long wait for a new tank than someone getting themselves off for 20 minutes.

  20. omfg big YIKES. Those damn macros are so god damned annoying and I can't help but think a 6 YO is behind them.

  21. It would be a shame if the boss decided to use a tankbuster while you are in the middle of your burst window. Looks at practically every savage boss ever

  22. This is a meme referencing the BLM Ley Lines macro. It's a shitpost, and I'm certain they didn't actually spam this.

  23. As if its that difficult to weave a defensive cooldown in your burst phase. Im on 150 ping and can do that, bitch please.

  24. Yeah, could have sworn the defensive cooldowns don't share with your offensive specifically to let you save yourself while hitting things

  25. An honest response from me would be "the majority of the damage in the GNB burst lasts 3 GCD's, which is ~7 seconds depending on your skillspeed. You have 20 seconds to work with. I hope you have more braincells available that the cartridge cost of Double Down to work this out".

  26. I had a tank doing something similar in my group few days ago. Some macro about I have to heal him cause he just popped a certain ability. Our party was fine, no issues healing, until I sat there for a minute reading his text, rereading and getting pretty annoyed he was calling out for heals while I was keeping him alive with no issues, then I realized it was a macro text he was putting out in party chat and I ended up flooring the tank and dps because I was too busy reading the nonsense macro.

  27. Our DSR dancer showed us this exact macro he had saved for his GNB. Our entire group loved it so much we were dying as it went off. Macro is obviously a meme and I would have said the run went pretty smoothly as long as he didn't actually spam the macro.

  28. Lol once had a tank tell me "I'm going to pull big and initiate random mitigation so don't heal me till it's over" I was like sure bud you do you and I'll button spam as usual and hope we survive.

  29. What the actual hell?! No Mercy just increase damage, nothing more. I'd guess that, combined with that opening macro (which I hate multi-line greetings), that was probably some hawt garbo.

  30. Wahhh, I'm so unfunny people don't realise I'm trying to be funny and just think I'm as annoying as the annoying people I'm parodying, wahhhhh.

  31. Yeah I'd report this. Even if nothing happens, I think someone getting paid needs to experience this with me after I dealt with it for free.

  32. . . . I realize as a filthy Dark Knight main it’s rich of me to speak here but… is a tank’s damage that critical? Enough to be a public nuisance? What… what was this? Was it anything? Was it Duty finder?

  33. Because the Continuation combo which always is used during No Mercy (aka. the burst they're referring to) does not allow them to weave easily. It's fine if you've got super fast ping but anyone without that basically needs to halt their DPS to put up mitigation.

  34. I'm guessing the run was awesome since your tank is into the game so hard that he's making parody macros of old BLM memes, lol.

  35. There is also somehow still no way to disable chat sound effects without turning off UI sounds entirely. Makes people like this guy really annoying.

  36. Even ignoring the sound effects, I play on a TV and can only fit 4 or 5 lines of text into my chatbox, this macro would pretty much crowd out anything else. Personally I wouldn’t report for doing it once, but if someone keeps spamming it multiple times go ahead.

  37. Seriously though, how do people type this much during a raid/trial? I’m focused on beating the enemies. Kind of a serious question though. I’m guessing this is easier with PC controls, than using a controller?

  38. It’s a macro, the guy didn’t actually type this all out in the middle of the duty. Its possible to set up a macro and put it on your hotbar so that all that text is posted to party chat when you hit the skill. You’ve probably seen people with Rez macros which trigger when the healer hits the resurrect button.

  39. This reminded me when there were WARs using a macro for Berserk doing a countdown for when healers had to use Esuna. I met a lot of those when it was a thing. But this seems just trolling...

  40. God, I feel like I can hear this distorted and bass-boosted. Did this get voiced at some point, or did I hallucinate that

  41. I have a HUD setup with my samurai where EVERY skill has a macro like this...As a healer main I guess it's revenge?

  42. Reminds me of ye olden days where after berserk/inner release wore off you'd be pacified so they had a macro to let healers know so it could be cleansed. Of course in those days Scholar's Selene had an aoe debuff cleanse she used on her own so I would just summon her every time there was a warrior and let the problem solve itself.

  43. If I knew this wasn't a joke, I'd say that guy is told to burn that macro before he ever considers joining a pt again and then kicking him.

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