Female underwear?

  1. Sometimes yes. As for buying them, I usually put a few other everyday items in my cart and use the self checkout. To avoid parents, pay with cash, ditch the receipt, and sneak them into the house

  2. I wear boxers, female undergarments aren't a line I have crossed, or have any intention of crossing soon. But on

  3. Most femboys I know do wear panties, which is very appropriate. There is already a suggestion for purchase of panties, so I won't comment on that part. I do highly recommend panties.

  4. I'm trans female . But panties are way more comfortable . Not to mention they have nicer fabric and look better. Just don't buy real skimpy ones as they can be uncomfortable.

  5. not really, i wouldn't recommend having them as the only type of underwear you own if you are amab, but i've mainly only needed boxers for sleeping/the off day that I do need more room for comfort

  6. They honestly provide way more support and are softer, guys underwear just lets it loose and jiggle everyplace.

  7. Used to wear boxers but switched to regular undies as they support better. I kinda quickly switched to wearing thongs and panties. Some are super comfy and the fabric is the best. I actually have favorite underwear now. Better looking, smoother fabric, more comfortable, what's not to like? :3

  8. I usually wear cotton bikini panties or thongs, I find them to be much more comfortable than boxers and I feel cute with them too. If anyone at the store asks could also always just say they're for a gf or something along those lines.

  9. I've been wearing panties 24 7 for years now and mainly buy them from Amazon. Getting the right fit can be a bit of a trial and error but I now have brands that fit like a glove. Also I've been amazed at how many women like me in them.

  10. I buy from Aerie. I wait for a sale and buy a bunch of Aerie panties all at once when they're like $3/ea. I look for styles that aren't seamless, so they support what needs to be supported. I'm by no means packing a small package, but Aerie definitely works best for me. Also, you can just go to Walmart and buy women's clothes at self check and not look anyone in the eyes if you're not confident yet. I gave up men's underwear several years ago after finding women's fabrics and fits much more comfortable in many cases. Best luck!

  11. Female underwear is nice in concept, but it can be a right pain to keep your stuff secure if you're regularly active. As such, I have learned (and highly recommend) buying and using underwear that are panty-like and are intentionally designed for men's usage. That way you can look cute and feminine while having your stuff locked and loaded. 👌🏼

  12. I think they can. I do but I'm a trans man so- it's a little different. Personally I would prefer to wear boxers, I've tried longer gender-neutral underwear and I feel more comfortable in them.

  13. Really it just depends on preference. Personally I prefer to wear male underwear, since panties don’t really have much support for the private parts.

  14. if you are able to use amazon without a parent going through your stuff just get them online. if you need to tell them what you are buying, have a cover item, something that you know they are cool with or if it is near a birthday/gift giving holiday get them a gift on amazon, and then buy what you really want as well.

  15. If you like to wear panties wear them, if you don't then don't. Doesn't make you any less of a femboy. Some find them more comfortable, other it's a euphoria feeling.

  16. Tomboy x sells nice underwear in lots of cute cuts and patterns they're like gender neutral so maybe it would be less of an issue for parents, especially sometujng like th boy shorts

  17. People wear what they want, I myself do, but it's a personal choice, not a prerequisite or anything. As for how to get them, there's amazon lockers with gift cards, or just buying in store, most people won't question it and if they do, you could just say you're picking them up for a sister or girlfriend or something, whic'd be more believable if you had already been shopping for something else.

  18. Buy the at a Walmart and when you check out just look anoyed you can also add in some tampons t your cart and it'll look like your bying them for your girlfriend or buy them in vary pore crossdress and say it's hazing

  19. I'd say most femboys wear panties. I've worn panties exclusively for 5 years since highschool immediately when gym wasn't required anymore, but keep in mind I'm a extreme grower so most panties fit me really well. female underwear usual has better quality compared to men's so if bikini style or thongs don't work well for you try boyshorts.

  20. It's all a choice. I like em, makes me feel cute but you don't have to. As for buying I'd say it's easy to pay cash and just stuff em in your bag or something.

  21. I mostly bought womens underwear cos mens (even the smallest size) are too baggy for me so to parents all i had to say was either buy these or kids underwear, and cos most kids stuff look childish i just ended up with womens underwear at a uk size 6/8, i have briefs and shorts (i think theyre called shorts idk tho i might be wrong).

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