the femboy gods have given you the opportunity to enlarge one of the body parts below which do you choose

  1. Y'know I don't really understand the desire for a bigger pp in femboys... wouldn't pp be a masculine thing? In which case I'd imagine less pp would be more desirable.

  2. Definitely gonna have To go with big booty , my family always jokes that my brother took the big butt genes and drain me of any possibilities. I'm like super flat but been getting a round shape off of working out so that nice.

  3. I have good thighs and ass and my dick is pretty decently size but its still an insecurity for me. I was actually request a modification to my torso cause i hate my torso

  4. I already have a big booty and thick thighs, I don't mind pp size bcz I'm mostly bottom, so one thing I'd rather want is no body hair and/or a thinner waist.

  5. Already happy with all three honestly, just want a flatter stomach at this point. Depression bicycling was very generous to me in my teen years lol.

  6. Well the gods have already blessed the men in my family with dummy thicc butts and thighs, so the option can only go to one thing.

  7. I would mostly prefer to reduce my complete body size, I'm 2 Meters tall, and I hate it. Not only do I hit my head anywhere, I also will never be able to be held up against a wall by someone way bigger than me, or at least it's very unrealistic.

  8. I already have thicc thighs and I can get a bigger butt by working out. However, I fucking despise my small dick so, bigger pp it is

  9. please none of the above my thighs are thicc my ass is fat and Im rather worried about unwanted boners in the middle of class/other situation so a bigger dick will not help there

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