If every main far cry villain fought, who would win?

  1. Poor Hoyt, not even on the cover of the game. Wouldn't Vaas fit more since he was similar to Jason being taken over by the "jungle" etc? Even if Vaas wasn't the so called "boss" of that entire operation, he was still in charge of the pirates right or not?

  2. Yeah I think joeseph would win just because it’s shown to us god is literally on his side lol, plus he ate the fruit some new dawn so he probably has superhuman abilities

  3. in a faction fight, i think the Peggies would beat the Yaran Miltiary based on morale alone. considering how corrupt Anton's regime was and how many people where willing to sale miltiary secrets ar a time when the regime still controlled the entire island vs Joseph's fanatics using guerilla tactics who are willing to throw themselves onto moving helicopters.

  4. Okay castillo and pagan have professionally trained soldiers but pagan would prob won seeing how castilos army is corrupted to the point where they help their own enemies for money

  5. For me, there has been one soldier who took a bribe - he was by some farm where you had to rescue the farmer's daughter. I have just killed all the others I come across. Have I missed an option where you can bribe them?

  6. Yeah but then there is other soldiers who are really loyal, its only a small margin of corrupt soldiers, I'd think Castillo would win because first off the army has that toxic gas thing I forgot it's name, fighter planes, tanks, and a massive army of around 300k, Pagan's Army? Probably small due to population of Kyrat unless you include The Royal Guard which is full of foreign mercenaries, zero planes, zero tanks, no chemical warfare.

  7. If it is hand-to-hand I would pick Ull or Colonel Sloan. Either of them also fights dirty but is considerably tougher than any other antagonist.

  8. Real talk, Joeseph has actual magic powers. New Dawn spoilers ahead but, you get a portion of those powers and Joeseph likely has more developed ones. Not to mention he can use Bliss for near instant mind control as shown at the end of 5 even though it doesn't seem to work like otherwise. Other guys are awesome, but Joeseph Seed is basically a mage who's also quite capable at gun play.

  9. Pagan Min - he literally allows Ajay destroy his military, he doesn’t want to kill Ajay - when Ajay is in the prison he leaks his location to the golden path to save him, Pagan low-key assists Ajay throughout the game - sees Ajay as his son & would never kill him.

  10. Are we talking about 1v1 or with their factions. Cause Gus (forgot the characters name) has the best standing army of any game so far. Him or Joseph who seems to be pretty skilled at irregular warfare with the added bonus of the religious fanaticism that makes his cultists fearless

  11. this comment is definitive proof on how forgettable far cry 6 was cause you literally forgot the main antagonist’s name

  12. Vaas would win hands down the man survived getting stabbed in the chest with a magical machete sized knife half a dozen times. And then somehow snuck away with said gaping chest wounds.

  13. Depends on the scenario. Is it just them fighting each other without weapons? If they have weapons, what kind? Do they have all their resources and followers to help?

  14. Wait really? Far Cry 1 Dr Krieger turns into one of those mutants. If he's that mutant, he beats everyone else easy

  15. Funny enough, OP put Doyle as the main villain for Far Cry 1 but put Vaas instead of Hoyt for Far Cry 3 lol.

  16. Well Pagan isn’t really a villain, so not counting him I’d say either the seed’s or castillo. Both have an army of lunatics.

  17. I really want them to keep this villain theme that far cry 3 started and the awesome outposts, skill points, just change other things, like bring back the character companions but with better AI for example. The villains in all of them with a bit exception to far cry 1 are really well written, far better than most games out there but they're not much in the game. Joseph Seed along with his family and Castillo had more screentime though which is good.

  18. I wish the outpost ranges in FC3 overlapped so pirates and islanders would come in conflict at the outposts more

  19. My money is on Jackal. It's canon that he is the protagonist of far cry 1 and that dude fought against mutants and survived.

  20. Still yet to play the first two games but I feel like there's only three with any shot, Pagan Min, El Presidente, and Joe but to be fair Joe's only on the list cause of the power of god thing so I'm not sure if that counts or not

  21. I'd say Pagan Min, because he's at that level of evil that is really not recognized; as he is incredibly intelligent as well a very resourceful. In all technicality, his death is still unknown as there are various endings in which that can leave him either dead or alive.

  22. I mean, Joseph Seed is literally talking to God and seems to have magic powers even outside of Bliss. If you locked the lot of them in a room and came back an hour later he'd have made the others into his acolytes or something.

  23. In like a all out war I think it clearly would be castillo because from what we seen his army is much bigger than the one from the others.

  24. i'm not even sure who the real villain of that game was. probaliby everyone, except the reporter, doctor, priest, and refrugrees

  25. Johnathan seed is literally the prophet of god, he doesn’t die if he doesn’t want to die, and yes I am still pissed over that ending

  26. Vaas himself was a dangerous man. Everyone else except for like voyt and the jackal were cult of personality dangerous. Dangerous by the way they could control their followers.

  27. I believe a tie between pagin min and vaas is in order because they're both actually insane and would do anything to win including fight dirty so yeah a tie

  28. Castillo and Pagan have a definite advantage but thinking that Joseph has 3 siblings and a whole county of people on his side it's a close tie.

  29. if it’s just a one on one with standard weapons, jackal wins. his only fair match up would be vaas cause he lives around weapons and he’s so experienced, but i believe jackal has military training and he’s an arms dealer so he knows the weapons best. all the others know how to use guns, but they’re not that good at it.

  30. the jackal probably has the most training and cunning, and keep in mind he oiterwly used to be a farcry protagonist lol

  31. So, my knowledge of the two earlier games and the latest one isn't up to much, but I think pagan. He's got a balance of being a good leader of an army, and being unafraid of getting his own hands dirty.

  32. Pagan, or vaas or Anton. My money is on pagan or vaas, people forget that Hoyt is vaas' "ally" and that Hoyt owns his own private militia, if vaas got both the pirates and militia men he has a big chance of winning, the militia has helicopters and AA cannons.

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