Official: [WDIS RB] - Mon Evening, 12/05/2022

  1. So my season comes down to this week. I am technically the 6 seed, but two lower seeds play each other. I need to win, and keep a point total lead by like 8-30 pts depending on who wins. I have a bunch of RBs on roster, could be more depending on waivers

  2. I have Singletary as my RB3 and I’m a little worried about his role shrinking. I also have JWJ and Zonovan Knight, and James Cook is on waivers. I want to pick up Cook to handcuff Singletary, but I’m not sure if I want to drop Zonovan who has been impressive the last two weeks. What’s the best strategy? Ten man PPR league

  3. Ha I’m in a very similar situation. Waiting to hear news on Carter this week. If he’s out it is hard to bench/drop Knight imo. Is there anyone else you can drop for Cook?

  4. Ppr. Start either kamara or White? Down 15 and he has Hill left to play. I was Gucci starting kamara until I just read that vita Vea and Akiem hicks are likely to play tonight and return from injury which bodes horribly for the saints.

  5. Fellas standard ppr league I’m up by 13 and can either play R. White or Lenny Fournette and my opponent has Godwin, who should I start ? Leaning white tbh

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