Official: [Monday Miracle] - Mon Evening, 12/05/2022

  1. I've never been so indirectly invested in the garbage time of an irrelevant Monday night game. The Brady-White TD knocked two teams out of playoff contention, securing my playoff birth.

  2. Not necessarily a miracle as I just needed White to get me 1.66 points, but it nearly clinches me for the final playoff spot. I'm one game up now on the others below me, and ahead in PF, so just gotta not absolutely blow it next week hopefully.

  3. After White fumbled, figured I was done for. His TD with 3 seconds left gave me a shocking 1.12 point victory. Difference between 3rd and 5th in standings.

  4. Also won on the Raschaad td, was down 1.4 before it. Lenny was in that whole drive and I did t think it was gonna happen. Thank god the the holding penalty on the Godwin td! Congrats!

  5. That called back Godwin TD lost me the game. Had Succop and Godwin vs Hill. Hill did one thing all game. Not going to sleep this week.

  6. i won by 0.14 thanks to godwin on that final drive. almost lost my shit after his TD got called back, but he made up for it with those final catches.

  7. Olave almost bailed me out, but that dropped pass killed me. Lost by 1.8 PPR. Im in the playoffs, but I'll be the last seed into a juggernaught of a team.

  8. Definitely should be worth points. One of the matchups in one of my leagues was decided by that as well. The platform (Fleaflicker) showed the score from that play initially but it's gone now

  9. I traded Andrews for Waddle in Week 9 and somehow both my team and the other guy's were worse afterward lol

  10. Need a combined ~42pts in PPR from Brady, Olave, and R. White. If I lose, I'm very likely eliminated from playoff contention. If I win, it's very possible to sneak into a playoff spot.

  11. Godwin +6.7 vs Brady, hoping all Brady does is dink and dunk to Godwin all day, need this win to have a chance at playoffs on my main league

  12. Must win game for both me and my opponent this week. Basically tied coming into tonight. He has Fournette, I have Godwin. Non-PPR.

  13. Down 3.5. My olave vs her Brady. Plot thickens as she’s trying to rebuild and we had a verbal in her trading Kelce. ….but she keeps winning. If I win it’ll end her season and I can also probably get Kelce.

  14. I need Mike Evans and either White or Fournette (haven't decided who I'm starting yet . . .) to score 13 points + whatever Olave scores. Going to be absolutely brutal if I pick the wrong one out of Fournette and White. Still no clue what the right choice is (.5 ppr if anyone has any suggestions).

  15. Up 10 with either Olave or White playing against Evans. Honestly it's a toss up between who I should play, can someone steer in the right direction 🙏

  16. Brate was a DNP Thu/Fri (illness), but a full participant Saturday. Tonight...INACTIVE. Maybe Otton gets some chances to shine.

  17. Need 14 points PPR from Kamara to guarantee my playoffs. Otherwise I go into next week needing a way to win against the #1 whilst I go into bye hell.

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