Official: [Trade] - Mon Afternoon, 12/05/2022

  1. That's tough but if you absolutely need a win this week then those 2 aren't going to help. Try to get another piece thrown in that could help you in 2/3 weeks if everything goes right

  2. I think I would stay. Cowboys def is also much better than the jags(more need to throw) and a large part of that offense is Pollard/Zeke rushing

  3. I have today only to make a trade to upgrade my RB2 position (Pierce/Patterson/Dobbins/Foreman) and/or QB (Lawrence). I'm currently planning on playing Lawrence one more week, then if I manage to land White on waivers I will pivot to him, otherwise I'll have to grab Mariota or Wilson (again, puke) or something. If I'm able to trade for a QB, I can avoid this, but I don't think anyone would be willing to give a QB1 for Pierce and I plan to roll with Foreman/Patterson ROS if I can't upgrade RB2.

  4. You've got to go Higgins here. He's got such a safer floor with also a large ceiling. I don't think Chase being healthy hurts him that much either

  5. Watsons crazy and Higgins will get fewer targets possibly with Chase back, but I think the quality of Higgins targets will go up. I'd do it.

  6. 10 team 1/2 point PPR. I've been struggling at TE all season. Thinking of offering this trade to the L.Jackson owner. The only downside is Fields (my starting QB) in on bye next week so I'd have to pick up someone like Brady, Cousins, or Goff as a fill in. Worth it?

  7. I would prefer to give one of Pierce/Dillon/JWJ for a TE if you can. Prescott has some good matchups in weeks 15 and 17 is a critical insurance plan for a dangerous QB like Fields.

  8. I commented on this before, but I'll add a bit more. I think now is definitely time to trade Williams. Swift finally seems healthy and I think Williams is about to drop to TD dependent flex play. Also think this is a nice buy low on Andrews. TE has been a wasteland this season and other than Kelce, Andrews is the only other player who can potentially be a true game changer at the position. I'd pull the trigger.

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