Official: [Add/Drop] - Mon Afternoon, 12/05/2022

  1. Do you have another person you can drop, like a K maybe? I'd grab Dulcich but hold to see if Conklin clears and drop D back.

  2. 8 team, standard. DJ Moore was dropped just before it was announced Darnold was starting and no one picked him up, probably because he was on bye this week. Drop Pittman for Moore? Pittman is on bye next week and a little worried about the whole QB situation right now.

  3. Ouch. I hate to say it but I think I would make that move. Moore has higher upside it appears with CAR. If anything, they have similar roles in their team's offense.

  4. If you need to make moves, I need to ask your RBs. Williams is a long term play and we really don't know when the offense will trust him to open up the game. Just look at how they treated Swift.

  5. Its probably Darnold for me since Dalton is on bye next week. I'd try to get Huntley if available though.

  6. Who would be a better TE add this week? Dulcich (Hackett mentioned that they changed their game plan to involve him more as a receiver, which we certainly saw this week), or Waller (likely coming off of IR this week)?

  7. I'd really want Dulcich over Waller right now. Not sure if the Raiders trust him and Waller definitely won't be a top 2 option on his team.

  8. I'd hold onto the Eagles. Before I was trying to recommend pairing with the Chiefs but Eagles are just too stout to drop. Hold them tightly so you don't see them later or take a 3rd defense.

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