1. Need about 3 from Kamara+White and I’m also not confident. Even Yahoo isn’t confident — it puts my opponent at a 7% chance of victory with no one left to play in his lineup.

  2. Pretty sure players only get points when I'm playing against them. That's why Pittman had 15 points last week. Today I played against M. Gay and he miraculously gets over doubled digits for the second time this season.

  3. Holy shit, with Lamar and Walker out I managed to still win thanks to Dallas D. By .3 points!

  4. I can't believe I'm worried about Evans, my second round pick, maintaining a 4 point lead against my opponents Buccs defense... But here we are

  5. Went into SNF up 11.42 pts with my ceedee vs his pollard & schultz. Thought pollard’s last td killed me but I won 137.52 to 136.10. Fantasy gods spared me today

  6. Geno, Pollard and Ceedee saved me from starting Walker, Kittle and Deandre Carter. 8-5 after starting 1-4, even if I get bounced early in the playoffs Im feeling great about this season.

  7. I'm going to lose to the worst team that started: Cousins, Claypool, Hunt, J. Jones, and KC d.

  8. Well, I'm hanging onto the 6th (and last) playoff spot up against the #2 team who was projected for 130 vs my 110, figured a guaranteed loss, and somehow I'm down 1.66 points with White (have Fournette as well, just leaning White) left to play; it's 164.84 to my 163.18.

  9. Today makes me feel better for going all in on WRs this season in Davante, AJB, and Sun God. Outscored half of my league’s teams with just those three.

  10. went against Cowboys DST. Absolutely brutal watching that 4th quarter. Colts could've just kneeled every down and would've had the same outcome without me getting destroyed in fantasy.

  11. I lost by 1 point with the cowboys d vs his pollard and got eliminated. I just can't believe how those last 10 minutes played out

  12. Did you have an easy schedule the first half of the year? Mine was brutal all year but finally I started outscoring my opponents and I snuck into a playoff spot after starting 1-6.

  13. Need olave to score 12 tomorrow against the person I’m competing with for the last playoff spot.

  14. I need a monster Godwin game to win one league and a bad Godwin game to win another. I hope he gets exactly 15.

  15. Here's a little-known fun fact to sleep on: Joe Mixon was Samaje Perine's backup when they were teammates at Oklahoma.

  16. who do i get mad at on the steelers for pickens getting ONE POINT and on the dolphins for waddle doing the same

  17. Up by .2 do I bench Mike Evans to secure the win? Really need the points fighting for tie breakers on the last playoff spot lol

  18. I’m now 6-7. My buddy is 9-4. If he and I switch opponents for the year, I’d be 9-4 and he’d be 2-11 lol can’t make this shit up.

  19. If I had the other divisions 1 seed I’d be 11-2 instead of 8-5 shit it’s sucks because I’ve scored more points then anyone in the league so far this season.

  20. Maybe this will finally get it into their fucking heads that they need to give JT the ball more. Even if he gets stuffed every fucking play, AT LEAST YOU CAN PUNT!

  21. Been saying it all year as a colts fan. If they wanted to compete they would run with JT all day, but they keep passing so much and we get stuck in 2nd and 3rd in longs.

  22. That last drive by the Colts cost me my playoff chances. Just barely cost me two defensive points, causing me to lose by 0.5 points. Thanks to Lamar too

  23. I fully expect Ryan to step down after last week and this absolute shit of a performance. Idc what anyone says NE scarred that man in the super bowl. He’s never been the same.

  24. I'll be happy for you if he puts up 8 for you as long as he doesn't have a blowup game and put up >18.95 against me.

  25. In a straight up win-and-in for both sides, and I win if Godwin stays under 19.8 tomorrow. If only I had started Pollard over Walker/Najee I would be pretty much safe.

  26. I hope Bye Week means goodbye and the Colts poverty franchise is not coming back because what the hell was this lol

  27. Need Godwin to get 7 to save me from the most embarrassing loss of the season. The guy im against lost KW3, Hurst and Lamar today and is still ahead of me.

  28. The final playoff spot in our league will come down to the final week now. All because of that garbage time Zeke td

  29. Yes he did fumble and the cowboys recovered. What they reviewed was whether the defender was touched before he returned the fumble for a touchdown, and he was

  30. Turns out hiring a random former player with no coaching experience is in fact not as good as somebody who is qualified. Who ever would have guessed?

  31. Thanks to that last Zeke TD, I need ~5 points from Kamara tomorrow to win, and I'm honestly scared that won't happen lol

  32. Who the hell did Pittman piss off to only get 4 targets 😅. Thanks a lot Pittman and the Colts, I’m gonna lose to a guy who started Jimmy G. Up by 26 points, I had Pittman left against Pollard and Godwin. Now just leading by 5.20. Big oof.

  33. Losing because of a 23 point difference in Def/K is ridiculous. I’m never playing in a league with them ever again

  34. Does Jeff Saturday actually use his headset? I swear this mf is never talking when he’s shown on air

  35. The most points scored in one quarter in NFL history was 41 by the Rams against the Lions (who else?) in 1950. The Cowboys have scored 33 points tonight.

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