1. Pats defense seems to be trending down lately, and their schedule gets worse the remainder of the season

  2. God, I was going back and fourth about whether or not to start Folk because of the wind. Before the game I check and it’s calmed down completely. Then this mother fucker looses the only point he scored by hitting a doink.

  3. I think the biggest mistake he made was rolling with Matt Patricia as his OC. Bill is great, but his ego seems to be getting in the way of running the team right as a GM

  4. Yeah, I started pats D thinking I was overthinking things. Saw they got some points early and didn’t check until after the game. At least it wasn’t negative?

  5. Pats have one of the best pass defenses in the league. But Allen also hasn’t looked the same since his elbow injury. But he didn’t even play bad, just game script sucked

  6. 16.9 for Allen.. sucks, but not his fault. Hold on a long TD pass, LT completely missed his block leading to a fumble, and the patriots offense sucks

  7. I think it’s funny when people talk about holding calls ruining big plays, like the hold wasn’t what allowed the play in the first place

  8. Long ass drive capped by a RB TD didn’t help either. That bomb to Diggs getting called back really hurt us though

  9. Allen / Knox / bills D vs Diggs and I'm trailing after Thursday in a must win week. Wellllllllll FUCK

  10. They have kind of turned him into a possession receiver haven’t they? You don’t see him going downfield that much and when they do at all it’s Diggs.

  11. Really wanted my Folk to outscore his Bass tonight and just my luck one of Folk’s kicks dinged off the post..oh well onto Sunday

  12. Thursdays are where fantasy matchups go to die. Whole weekend over and there’s still another workday to go.

  13. There was way too much hype about Stevenson this week. I had a feeling he would underperform to expectations.

  14. Stevenson 9.8 points half PPR. Last week I played him and he had 15.70. My PA this year has been so unlucky. The manager I played last week had all 9 slots score double digits. This week the first player already failed to secure double digits. I hate fantasy sometimes lol

  15. Meyers should've had a td but will instead end up in concussion protocol for the next 2 weeks because someone decided to put an illegal hit on him after the game was already over... fun times.

  16. I’m fucking pissed about it. Dude deserves better, he’s such a good receiver constantly getting hurt by opposing teams. That one was particularly senseless. Should be a TD when you headhunt a defenseless receiver like that in the end zone.

  17. Rhamondre may have had the fumbles but he also looks like the only person out there trying and his flood is still solid. Owners should have zero worries going forward.

  18. Guess I should be happy Mondre didn't boom me, but watching him get a game's worth of catches on this garbage time drive was aggravating to say the least.

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