#Ravens QB Lamar Jackson left practice early today with a quad injury. He was officially limited.

  1. Just pick up Huntley and roll with him if nobody is out there you like now. Matchup isn’t great, but he was pretty good last year and can get it done on the ground.

  2. 2 weeks ago I was thinking about which one I would trade. I kept both feeling all good about myself and now this.

  3. Already had Fields and literally just traded Watson for Lamar. Then this happens, maybe I'm not meant to have a healthy QB for the playoffs.

  4. Let's see... hanging on to a playoff spot by my fingernails, playing the team with the best record (and mahomes at QB), and starting Lamar on my team.

  5. Same predicament here. Can also only play 3 of Jefferson, Chase, Godwin and Kirk. Part of me feels like sitting Chase is the move since he’ll be on a snap count

  6. I feel like the ‘officially limited’ part is a bit misleading..it makes it sound better than it actually is.

  7. Have seen a few people suggest the team is helping him duck the media after his tweet. Obviously not sure if that’s true but it’s possible.

  8. Well this certainly solves my geno vs Lamar debate for the time being until I become a coward Sunday morning and play Lamar because he’s “safer” (he’s not)

  9. Gus's value is based on scoring TDs, and if Lamar is out, the Ravens will score less, so I'd say it's net negative, even if he gets 3 or 4 extra ops

  10. Same brotha, luckily I can lose the next two weeks and still be in the top 4 for getting my money back. I guess I'm going guinea pig. I had the Mandrews and Lamar stack, now I'm facing the reality of starting the... Watson and... DPJ... Stack?...

  11. Lamar doesn't go Mike White is my stream. But I'll have to drop Warren for him so I lose two guys I'd otherwise start this week which would suck.

  12. Pickett is my back up. I've legitimately been considering starting him over Lamar regardless this week. This matchup sucks and Lamar hasn't exactly been lights out recently. Pickett gets a great matchup and has been playing fine. Just needs the TDs to make him good for fantasy.

  13. I've been back and forth between Watson and Jackson this week. Sure looking like it might be Watson in his first game back.

  14. Guy in my league who has Lamar started 4-1 now he's 5-7. Also has Hollywood, Damien Harris, Mecole, Khalil Herbert and CEH. Brutal year for him

  15. Bruh I got Lamar, Jakobi, Devonta, Mike Will all on one team. Plus Damien Harris on the bench for kicks. News today sucks.

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