1. Anyone know of any possible stat corrections that could happen this week? I won by .3 and want to know for sure if I won

  2. Needed 2 more pts from Freiermuth to stay in the playoff race but nope knocked out by the last place team and JT.

  3. I seriously need help at TE. I own greg D. Conklin and bellinger are on waivers, who would you stash in case russ can’t improve? 0.5 ppr

  4. Took till week 11 to finally start my full drafted lineup of JT, Conner, Keenan, Amon Ra, Kittle and put up 147 in PPR. Too bad this win will make me 4-8.

  5. One less catch by Parris and I win too mother fucking shit I hate years where you have a top 2 points scored but are 7-5

  6. I mean the fact he only got 2 catches for 14 yards was a gift for you in the first place. You should have lost by more but Ryan and colts are complete shit.

  7. Lost by one point because Matt Ryan chose to fumble again on that last sack. His PIT D got 2 points as a result. I hate Matt Ryan forever now and that will not change for as long as I live.

  8. You might want to check that. The last sack he fumbled was recovered by Indy. Usually D's dont get credit for a fumble that wasnt recovered by them

  9. Well, lost by one point again. Week after week of wrong choices that cost me the game. 7-1 to 7-5 with most points.. lolz I suck.. but play against everyone putting up 40+. Fucking JOSH JACOBS

  10. Lost by less then one point. The line up I started had the max possible point output so can’t be mad at myself. Opponents dolphins D put up damn near 30 though fuck that shit

  11. Take it. Mike Evans seems like he doesn’t have that same connection with Tom Brady anymore. Brady likes Godwin more. Swift can replace Monty and Davis can replace Jeudy.

  12. So many close games in my league this week. All but one game was decided by less than 2 points. From the game chat it seems like a lot of people either won or lost by a very thin margin.

  13. After this week, literally no one is moving positions in my league and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen

  14. lost by one point to that last pittman catch and will have the highest amount of pts scored in loss cannot feel bad for colts suffering post luck

  15. Same. I lost by 1.78 and I had Josh Jacobs. JT was doing nice for me today but once I saw the Pittman TD I knew what was going to happen.

  16. All I had to do was drop Allen Lazard to take the Steelers D away from my opponent and keep my season alive. 10 years in fantasy, I’ve never felt an elimination like this.

  17. FUCK JEFF SATURDAY!!! with out a doubt the worst play calling i’ve ever fucking seen on the offensive end. I don’t give a shit if he’s a “good guy” and “a real leader” that doesn’t seem to change the outcome of the game.

  18. A total failure with the play calling and time management on that last drive for the Colts. You get your best player one touch and instead draw up plays for ole' noodle arm to scramble around throw ducks.

  19. Lost by 2 points having pitman and diontae after Najee injured himself. Fake comeback after being down by 50+. Out of playoffs now most likely. OT would have given me the W as well. Kamara dropped a dud and Jacobs shat on me as well. Fun season.

  20. Lost by .20 to the Jacob’s owner. 158.52 to 158.32. Last pointless Pittman catch sealed it. Would have beat any other team in the league by 30 points.

  21. Huge win puts me from 7 seed out of 7 up to 2or3 based on tie breaker . Let’s fuckin gooo thank you Pittman

  22. .15… lost by .15. Lost on those last two small runs by Taylor. Ahh Najee, hope you recover for next year, but a way to end my season.

  23. so is that fumble gonna be corrected and changed to a Jonathan taylor fumble, because im playing against him and lost by .84

  24. Think they might adjust that fumble and give it to Taylor? My wife won by like .5 and I'm trying to assure her they won't change it 🤣

  25. Lost by 2 points having pitman and diontae after Najee injured himself. Fake comeback after being down by 50+. Out of playoffs now most likely. OT would have given me the W as well.

  26. Holy sheet I escaped defeat. Up 23 no one left and he had najee and muth. Was sweating the hole game

  27. Lost by 4 pts, had Watson and Pacheco on my bench, played Campbell, whatever 7-5 now, next week my anger is going to destroy the last place team and secure a playoff spot lol, also dropping Campbell, not because he suck’s but because I can’t be forced to watch a fucking game with Matt Ryan at the helm

  28. Anyone else seeing incorrect stats for Chase Mclaughlin? Currently showing a 0.7 pt loss on espn because of a miss from 0-39 yards which is -2. His only miss was from 59. Hoping ESPN will catch this??

  29. Michael Pittman doesn’t do dick for a month and of course goes off on me. Hope this dude drives into a tree

  30. Damn you must be a depressing individual, hope you find some meaning in life because you clearly need it more than any of us.

  31. Same. Eliminates from the playoffs. Could have picked the Steelers D away from my opponent to secure my win. I’m legitimately sick right now.

  32. I was tied with 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. my opponent had no one left and I had JT. More than a quarter of football to get some points from a star running back. In that entire period he got me 1.5 points. Who needs breathing room?

  33. Every time one of these network ‘rules analyst’ people speak, I completely disagree with what they say. It’s laughable.

  34. They didnt let him run or catch a pass in any of those 4 & shorts. Yet hes been getting 5ypc all game

  35. I just lost my ability to be in the playoffs because I didn’t drop Allen Lazard for the Steelers defense and let my opponent pick them up and play them.

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