Patriots RB Damien Harris, who is dealing with a thigh injury, is not expected to play this Thursday, source said. He's considered week-to-week going forward, an indication he'll miss some time.

  1. As a Jacobs and Stevenson owner, it feels so good to hit this hard on later round picks. I usually strike out badly on my late round picks.

  2. Rhamondre going to carry me all the way to checks notes 10th Place because I've already clinched 10th Place in my league.

  3. Lol, same. I'm eliminated and my team just clicked into place, possibly the strongest team ROS, but I'll be stuck demolishing the loser's bracket.

  4. Drafted 90th overall in my league. Only drafted him because he was projected most points of all the RBs left at that time

  5. Better to ask “Drop for ____”? Not worth dropping in a vacuum, but could be worth dropping depending on your roster and who else is available.

  6. I still plan on holding on to harris as a stevenson handcuff in a 14T league. I'd imagine he'd be pretty droppable in smaller formats.

  7. I'd honestly rather Rhamondre out of the 3. He gets so many damn targets that even w.o a score he;s getting 15-20pts. Very hard to coem across in ff

  8. I am trying to do the same for a TE and would take rhamondre over both you have listed. What are your thoughts on the same question but rhamondre vs. mixon (i also have perine)

  9. Bro thigh injuries are the worst. I remember getting a helmet directly into my quad and it literally doubled in size from swelling. Any sort of movement was miserable

  10. I swear I have some terrible ass luck. Worst injuries to my team, and the perfect injuries to help my opponent's players.

  11. After drafting Ekeler and Barkley first two rounds I took a flyer on Stevenson in the 9th round. Helped after I reached for Dillon.

  12. Picked him up after someone dropped him following week 2. Saved a season threatened by the ghost of Slant Boy and 10 week hamstring injury Keenan Allen.

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