1. Need Paris Campbell to not score above projection. I dropped him this week and the guy I’m playing picked him up. Just need him to not ball out… of course he’s probably going to ball out

  2. Same. Even after Tua got rested early and ETN went out the rest of my team did amazing. Lost by 1 because of the saints getting shutout

  3. My Cowboys/Maher DST/K combo scored 6 points to my opponents Miami/Tucker’s 34 points. Also lost ETN after 3 yards. Lost by 16 overall - such an annoying way to go down. Sorry just ranting into the void.

  4. It’s crazy af that Watson almost had a second TD when love rolled out, dude could’ve had an even better night. Nonetheless, this dude is special

  5. Just needed them to keep Hurts under 25. He was above 20 at the half. Jacobs' effort wasted - I follow a draw despite scoring 137 points with a loss despite scoring 125 points.

  6. Started Juwan Johnson in place of Goedert and was lucky enough to pull out the dub despite Juwans goose egg. Need Goedert back so badly.

  7. Week 15, he's gonna be a great playoff choice. Tight Ends tend to become more important in the end of the season. I have Goedert too, just grateful I have Muth while he's out

  8. Was up 8 before Jacobs OT winning run. Needed 22 from Sanders. Didn't think it was possible but what a game.

  9. Need Pickens to get 24 or less tomorrow...with my luck it'll be the one game of the year that he gets 30.

  10. I started pierce last two weeks instead of zeke. I have no idea I just know if I start zeke pierce will go off

  11. If Najae stays under 28 in 0.5 ppr tomorrow I win. Would’ve had a bigger lead has I played Watson over Palmer.

  12. With the 18 week season, what is standard playoff time for fantasy? Weeks 15-17? I’m realizing my league manager has it set up for 14-16, and I have Pittman and Olave on bye….

  13. We have a small 6 man league and it's set up for weeks 15-18. but its weird because weeks 15/16 and 17/18 are combined so you have the same opponent but have to outscore your opponent with a combined 2 week total to win.

  14. Ahh fuck I lost by .6. I never would have guessed Curtis Samuel and Higbee would have combined for 1.3 😔

  15. This looks so bad on Rodgers. Love with 113 on 2 drives…Rodgers had 145 the whole game. They need to manufacture whatever excuse for Rodgers to never play another down for them he’s done. Not just the play but his whole vibe and energy. Disgusting he’s had people convinced they have no WRs, meanwhile Watson, Lazard, and Tonyan look legit with Love.

  16. Eagles usually have a stingy pass defense, and just felt inevitable the bubble would burst here. That was my reasoning at least.

  17. Pollard had 3 20+ games in a row. I ran him this week he gave me 8 points. I benched Watson since rodgers was playing hurt and against Philadelphia

  18. If i had kept my lineup as it was before tinkering, i would have won easily. now i gotta wait till tomorrow

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